Argentine national team: the notorious absence in the photo of the world champions

Argentine national team: the notorious absence in the photo of the world champions

Some players repeated the photo they took when they returned from the Copa América in Brazil, but one of them was not there and it is rumored to be cancelled.

A cabal photo… and a conspicuous absence.

As a cabal, the same players who posed after the title obtained in the America Cupthey did it now for the world obtained in Qatar. All? No. Among those 7 players, one was missing, and it is nothing less than Alejandro “Papu” Gomezwho is strictly injured, and for this reason did not come to participate in the 2 friendlies that the Selection.

Likewise, the curious thing is that despite said absence, those present decided to take the same photo, with the same pose -and Lionel Messi in the middle, of course – and replace the “Papuan” by Paulo Dybala.

This image exploded in the social networks and of course it aroused all kinds of comments, more than anything alluding to the cancellation of which it would have been subjected gomez.

As it transpired last week, something broke between the player of the Seville and the referents of the campus, such as Messi, Angel Di Maria, Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes and Nicolás Otamendi.

Some ventured that the reason would have been that -believe it or not- the “Papuan” I would have turned to a witch so that Giovanni LoCelso gets injured, and in this way, be the team’s starter. In any case, it is worth remembering that the gomez suffered an injury, and the midfielder place was taken by Alexis McAllistergreat performance.

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