Scaloni burst into tears and spoke to the Argentines: “All this was for and for you”

Scaloni burst into tears and spoke to the Argentines: “All this was for and for you”

The coach of the Argentine national team, lionel scaloniassured last night to feel a “big emotion” after the match of the champion’s party, in which his team beat Panama 2-0, and thanked the fans “forever” before the historic day in which he highlighted that what was done in Qatar 2022 it was for them.

“I feel great emotion and it will accompany me for the rest of my life. This cost us a lot, it is not easy to achieve this and we were able to”highlighted Scaloni and added: “It’s not easy. I’m excited because my parents came.”

When asked about the impressive accompaniment of the people for his team, the 44-year-old coach thanked them “forever” and assured you would like “travel across the country” together with the footballers who achieved the world Cup in it Qatar World Cup 2022.

“I would like to go to all the provinces, so that people can see the players and give them the love they always transmit to us”stood out in television statements and added: “I thank you for life for everything you give us”.

Subsequently, scaloni took the microphone in the center of the playing field -in the middle of the award ceremony- and began to sing “Hand in hand with Leo Messi, we’re going to go all the way around”.

Then the more than 83 thousand people Together the Argentine players sang: “La Scaloneta the p * .. that gave birth to it!”.

“The father of the ‘Scaloneta’ is up there, and I am very excited that my father has come”said the totally moved coach and with a broken voice before the ovation of the Argentine fans.

“I’m going to be short and I hope that… I mean, eternal thanks to this group of players, the award is indeed for them. This is theirs, and everyone who wore this jersey. This time we were given And what we are experiencing is incredible, the effort we made is a lot”highlighted the architect of eternal glory after 36 years.

Furthermore, he added: “As Leo (Messi) said, it is very difficult to win a World Cup and you have to enjoy yourself. In my life I thought I had this recognition and they now realize what they achieved. All this was for and for you. Bye.”

After his statements, scaloni received a barrage of applause from the fans of the Selection who were in the Most Monumental Stadium.

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