Boca beat Olimpo, advances in the Argentine Cup and gives Ibarra more breathing room

Boca beat Olimpo, advances in the Argentine Cup and gives Ibarra more breathing room

After two consecutive defeats in the Professional League (LPF) tournament, Mouth Juniors found some oxygen in their footballing present tonight, defeating 2-1 Olympus from Bahía Blanca, in a match corresponding to the 32nd. end of the Argentine Cup.

In the Sarmiento de Resistencia stadium, with almost 30,000 people in the stands, the team of Hugo Ibarra consummated a logical victory, based on the individual hierarchy of both schools, although it was far from designing a satisfactory performance.

A shot by Agustín Sandez (Pt. 35m.) and a penalty converted by Darío Benedetto (St. 32m.), after an infraction that only referee Lucas Comesaña saw, gave the xeneize team the advantage.

Near the end, a header from the admitted Nadir Hadad (St. 44m.) added some suspense to the final result, with the discount of the eleven from Bahía, who plays for Federal A.

Mouth will be measured in the 16th. final of the competition with the winner of the clash between Estudiantes de Caseros and Barracas Central.

This rookie xeneize team in the Argentine Cup showed, from the outset, the same vices as the one that usually appears every weekend in the local contest.

The ‘Negro’ Ibarra team lacked a game build, it depended almost exclusively on Weigandt’s overflows on the right, on some release from Payero or on the mobility plus recovery of Cristian Medina, who was the highlight in midfield .

Thus, the champion of the 1969, 2012, 2015 and 2021 editions of this federal tournament suffered for something that he usually lacks: developing risky situations and possibilities of putting players face to face with the rival goalkeeper.

To be close to converting, Boca depended on an overflow from Weigandt that located the Uruguayan Merentiel, who lifted the final shot, or on a mistake by the opponent as occurred in the uneven maneuver.


Thus, at 35m, a cross sent from the right led to a weak response from goalkeeper Martín García, who left the ball ‘alive’ and allowed Sandez, after a combination with Benedetto, to get a very strong shot, and from right, which resulted in 1-0.

Olimpo, who had prepared to come out quickly against some xeneize oversight, showed the movement capacity of the attacking duo Toledo-Amarilla, the occasional release of Affranchino and the dynamics of Gutiérrez to disturb a Javier García who passed it pretty quiet on the opening stage.

The second half showed a more tiresome pace. The xeneize team tried to ‘iron’ the game and felt the departure of the injured Payero, who had been one of the most outstanding values.

Then, Olimpo, with his weapons, was encouraged to play later and had his opportunities, such as a header from Lassa that went wide or a shot from Toledo, which goalkeeper Javier García sent to the corner.

In the best moment of the aurinegra squad, Boca was able to increase the figures with a penalty executed by Benedetto, after a dubious infraction that the referee Comesaña saw before an alleged push from Cevasco to the scorer himself.

Langoni’s entry meant the chance that Ibarra’s team (whose continuity remains a true mystery) could expand the account, in a run.

However, after a stopped ball, Olimpo got the discount, with an appearance in Hadad’s area, after his teammate Lassa set him up with a Chilean half.

This is how Boca passed, without having too much left over and with a performance that did not show too many differences to what he usually exhibits when he enlists for the local championship.

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