With the debut of Gallardo’s son, River turned a great game against Universidad de Chile

With the debut of Gallardo’s son, River turned a great game against Universidad de Chile

With the debut of the son of Marcelo GallardoMatías, 19 years old, River he beat him in a high-level friendly match to the University of Chile for 4-3 in jumpwith good performances by Andrés Herrera, Esequiel Barco and Agustín Palavecino.

The match, which was vibrant and well played, started with a partial 2-0 defeat and then the ‘millionaire’ team turned it around with goals from Herrera in the initial stage and then Miguel Borja, Barco and Pablo Solari closed the result,

With an alternative team, both the formation of DT Mauricio Pellegrino and that of Martín Demichelis, the friendly in Salta started with an intense rhythm and with a very clear situation, starting with a shot by Palavecino that went very close to the crossbar.


The first advance of the ‘U’ of Chile was also dangerous due to some doubts in River’s defense and immediately the goal came, after a bounced play that was left to Israel Poblete and his weak shot escaped Ezequiel Centurión when only 5 minutes were played.

River quickly went looking for him but an advance ended badly and a very good counter that Emanuel Mammana could not cut, leaving Nicolás Guerra to throw the center to Cristian Palacios, who -with popcorn- put the game 2-0 , in just 18 minutes.

River went out again to look for their goal with good collective plays and after 20 minutes the full-back Andrés Herrera caught a ball just entering the area and did not hesitate to shoot dry to promote discount.

River was able to tie it with a good play by Solari and Barco that ended in the possibility of Borja, who -with heels- could not achieve equality, in a very well contested test.

The final part began with River’s equalizer, after a great play by Palavecino with a clearance for Herrera who put her inside with a low cross for Miguel Borja to push her into the six-yard box.

At that time, the game was dominated by River with very good individual performances from Herrera, Palavecino and Barco.

So it was that after 12 minutes the third came with a phenomenal Barco that combined with Herrera, who once again played very high, and the former Independiente arrived for the definition with a shot that doubled the goalkeeper’s hands.

After the goal, the debut of Marcelo Gallardo’s son, Matías, took place, who at 19 years old, set foot in first place on the same field where the “Muñeco” debuted as a coach, in mid-2014.

In addition to the son of the previous DT, the current strategist Demichelis also made his debut for the central midfielder Matías Sanchez, the creative midfielder Esteban Fernández, the forward Joaquín Flores, the central defender Daniel Zabala and the left back Gonzalo Trindade.

In the midst of all those youth debuts in a counter where the defense of the U was very badly stopped, Alfonso empowered Borja with a header who left Solari alone so that the striker only has to push her and make it 4-2

At the end, a free kick from Leandro Fernández turned into a great goal and allowed the discount of the Chilean formation.

Source: Ambito

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