Resistance bands: This is how you build muscle in a targeted manner

Resistance bands: This is how you build muscle in a targeted manner

Resistance bands are suitable for targeted muscle training. The gadget is used for home workouts as well as in the gym. Here you can find out which resistance bands are available and how you can train with them.

With a resistance band, you can make your training varied and specifically train your muscles. The resistance band is available in different versions, for example as a tube with handles or as a band with two loose ends. You always have to work against a resistance and use strength to do so. You can use resistance bands to target individual muscles and build them up over the long term.

These resistance bands exist

There are different variations of resistance bands, including tubes, endless bands or bands. You can also choose between different materials, including straps made of rubber, latex, natural rubber or textile.

endless belts

The consist of a closed circle and 100 percent natural latex. Due to their shape and different resistance levels, they allow flexible handling for different exercises. The five colors correspond to five different resistance values, each of which is also noted on the bands.

Length and width may vary, there are also that have more leeway and are ideal for other exercises, such as training the arms and back.


The are made of tear-resistant natural latex and should therefore last a particularly long time. Again, there are different levels of resistance, so you can adjust the bands to your fitness level and each muscle group. In contrast to the endless tape, these tapes do not form a closed circle, but have two loose ends that you can attach or hold individually.


are light and fit in every sports bag. So you can easily train anywhere with the gadget. Thanks to different strengths, tubes can be adapted to different training levels. In contrast to the bands, tubes have two handles that you can hold with your hands, giving you an extra firm grip.

This is how resistance band training works

The biggest advantage of resistance bands is the targeted training of individual muscle groups. Depending on the length of the bands, the training can be more or less intensive. The mechanism is simple, there is constant tension on the bands and the resistance increases with increasing length of the bands and the training becomes more intense. You can easily dose the resistance yourself, depending on the strength of the resistance and the distance from the place of attachment. When you’re just beginning your workout, start slow and start with beginner resistance bands. Otherwise you could overload your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. In order to make progress and build muscle, you need to make the workout progressive and build up over time.

There are numerous videos online showing exercises you can do with the resistance bands. If you are unsure, it can also be worth asking a fitness trainer who will go through exercises with you so that you can then do them yourself. For beginners, an initial consultation is always useful so that the exercises are carried out correctly and mistakes do not creep in right at the beginning, which could reduce the success of the training or lead to pain.

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