Blau-Weiß Linz: That’s how much the tickets cost in the new stadium

Blau-Weiß Linz: That’s how much the tickets cost in the new stadium
The new Donauparkstadion will soon be filled with life.
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“Together into a new era” is the slogan of the second division soccer team FC Blau-Weiss Linz when it comes to filling the new Donaupark stadium with life in the coming weeks. The new venue will open in July 2023 – the first hard facts in terms of ticketing have now been determined. The OÖN provide an overview:

Sales procedure: There will be a right of first refusal for members and existing subscription holders from tomorrow, March 29th to April 2nd. With the advantage of being able to secure your favorite spot in the new blue and white living room in advance. The general sale starts on Monday, April 3rd. Tickets can be purchased online via https://ticket.blauweiss-linz.at/, stationary sales will take place on April 6 (from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) and on April 7 (from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m ) as well as on the day of the match, April 8, after the game at the cash desks in the Hofmann Personal Stadium. The other stationary sales days will be published on the homepage and social media channels of FC Blau-Weiss Linz.

Ticket prices: The prices from the coming season will be collected, i.e. daily ticket and subscription prices for the 1st & 2nd league will be published. Since it is not yet clear in which league the royal blues will play, the tickets will initially be sold at the 2nd league prices. Annual tickets for the new blue and white fan grandstand are available for club members in the 2nd division from EUR 131 (for club members who are not yet 154 euros) and in the top division from 153 euros (for club members who are not yet not” club members 180,- Euro). On the long side, the most expensive subscription for members in the 2nd league costs 215 euros (for “not yet” club members 253 euros). In Austria’s upper house it would be 294 euros for members and 364 euros for non-members.

Want to offer affordable ticket prices”

“With the new stadium we want to start a new era of the club together with our fans, sponsors and partners. Our goal is to further professionalize FC Blau-Weiß Linz and to continue to develop it in a sustainable way, both in terms of sport and business, in order to ideally create the framework conditions for surviving in the 1st league. The support of our fans as well as the expansion of our fan base is very important to us, which is why we offer affordable ticket prices as a down-to-earth club that works very hard for success. With different ticket categories, we want to offer everyone a suitable ticket and enable them to attend the game. Fairness is very important to us, which is why we first sell the annual tickets at the price of the 2nd league and in the event of hoped-for promotion, the remaining amount will be invoiced at the price for the 1st league and the tickets will be activated after payment. We’re looking forward to our new home and lots of joint football parties with the blue and white fans!” says Christoph Peschek, Managing Director of FC Blau-Weiss Linz.

The ticket prices in detail:

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