The great distances that Boca and River will have to travel in the Copa Libertadores

The great distances that Boca and River will have to travel in the Copa Libertadores

The Argentine teams already know who their rivals will be in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores and the trips they will have to make. In addition to River and Boca, I know the mileage that Patronato, Racing and Argentinos Juniors will do.

Colo Colo, Monagas and Sports Pereira will be the three rivals of the first phase of Mouth. Despite the fact that they are accessible rivals and they will have no problem qualifying for the round of 16, what they regretted are the long distances they will have to travel.

“Xeneize” will be the Argentine team that will have to travel the most throughout the group stage of the Libertadores Cup if the area distances are calculated. In total, it will travel 22,116 kilometers in Group F of the continental contest: 2,518km to Chili to face Colo Colo, 9,916km to Venezuela to be measured against Monagas and 8,480km to Colombia to play against Sports Pereira.

He River of Martin Demichelis, For its part, it will have a more complicated group from a sports point of view, since it will face fluminense of Brazil, The Strongest of bolivian and Sporting Cristal of Peru.

The “Millionaire” will have to travel 16,880 kilometers overall in Group D: 3,934km for the trip to Rio de Janeiro to be measured against fluminense, 4,536km for going to Peace in bolivian (The Strongest) and 8,410km by to Lime (Sporting Cristal).

The disparate cases of Racing, Board of Trustees and Argentinos Juniors

racing follow Mouth and it will be the second Argentine team with the most trips in this instance of the continental contest. The team led by Fernando Gagoin its passage through the Group, A must travel 19,674 kilometers: 3,934km for his trip to Rio de Janeiro (Flamingo), 12,474km to Quito (Aucas) and 3,266km to chillanin Chili (Nublense).

Patronage It is the third that must travel the most distance in the group phase: 18,098 kilometers total. The team of Walter Otta -who will dispute the First National and agreed to the continental contest as champion of the Argentine Cup– are 2,116km for his journey to Paraguayan (Olympia), 9,736km to Colombia (National Athletic) and 6,246km to Peru (Melgar).

The Argentine team that will travel the least during the group stage is Argentine Juniors. The group that leads Gabriel Militowho will have a spicy area in Group E, will have to travel 8,772 kilometers for going to Ecuador (Valley Independent), 3,392km to Saint Paul (will collide with Corinthians) and just 468km to Montevideo (Liverpool).

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