Gerardo Martino will lead Boca, what will be his first game?

Gerardo Martino will lead Boca, what will be his first game?

After the messy departure of Hugo Ibarra from the Boca bank, sources from the Ribera club affirm that Gerardo Martino will end up closing his incorporation before next weekend but he would only make his debut on April 9 against a club that he already led as Colón, for the professional league championship.

In principle, then, Mariano Herron and possibly Blas Giunta they would lead the first team the coming weekend against Barracas Central, as a visitor, and on April 6 in the debut in the Copa Libertadores against Monagas, In Venezuela.

In principle Martino He must solve some slight eye problems that have made it difficult for him to travel by plane in recent times, although this would not prevent him from taking care of Mouth At this time, after he had already been offered that position twice by other leaders of the Ribera club.

But for now this Wednesday, when from 4:30 p.m. the Boquense squad returns to training, the first of the post- Ibarra, the one who will be in front will be Herron, a kind of “wild card” of this Football Council, which was mutating from field assistant in the cycles prior to Ibarra, to currently coach of the reserve.

Martino, a technical director of international ancestry, former Barcelona, ​​from Spain, no less, in addition to “his” Newell’s Old Boys, and those selected from Argentina, Paraguay and Mexico, would be closing the circle of a brilliant career as a coach. And to his professional merits is added another no less important: he is recognized throughout the environment as “a good person.” Then there is the semantically mythical “Mouth world”.

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