DFB women: Rainbow tie yes, but not at the World Cup

DFB women: Rainbow tie yes, but not at the World Cup

Fifa wants to avoid a long debate like in Qatar about the captain’s armband in rainbow colors at the Women’s World Cup. But the first confusion is already perfect.

Not black, red and gold like captain Joshua Kimmich in the men’s national team, but in the colors of the rainbow: Alexandra Popp will continue to wear the symbolic captain’s armband in test matches of the German soccer team. At the World Cup in New Zealand and Australia in the summer, however, the DFB women will adhere to the Fifa specifications – which the world association does not want to know about yet. In any case, the German Football Association is drawing the consequences from the fuss about the one-love armband at the 2022 men’s World Cup in Qatar. “We always carry the rainbow in our hearts and with us anyway,” emphasized national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg.

In contrast to Hansi Flick’s selection, which has returned to the traditional bandage, the DFB women want to make the rainbow colors visible in the future. “I know that the players want to continue to wear the rainbow armband in our international matches,” said Voss-Tecklenburg during a video call on Wednesday for the international matches on April 7 in Sittard against the Netherlands and on April 11 in Nuremberg against Brazil.

Fifa: Handling of the armband for the Women’s World Cup not yet determined

“Fifa informed us in a team workshop this morning that they want all participating nations to wear the Fifa captain’s armband at the finals in Australia and New Zealand,” said team manager Maika Fischer. “When asked if it was possible to apply for a different pad, the information was currently: no.” At the European Championships last year, you could still register the rainbow tie at Uefa. When asked by the DFB sides about possible penalties for non-compliance, they have not yet received any information from Fifa.

According to the World Football Association, how the bandage for the Women’s World Cup will be used has not yet been determined. “Fifa would like to reject the fact that a decision was made in connection with the armband,” said the world association when asked by the DPA. “Fifa strives for an ongoing dialogue with players and member associations.”

One remained with the team council in such a way that one would also wear the official armband with the anti-discrimination campaign if it is a strict requirement of Fifa for all 32 participating teams, said Fischer and emphasized: “Also against the background that Australia and New Zealand Yes, there are also LGBTIQ*-friendly countries and insofar as a sign is not as absolutely necessary as it was in Qatar last winter, for example.” The abbreviation LSBTIQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersexual and queer people.

One-Love bandage at the World Cup in Qatar caused a stir

Earlier this month, Gianni Infantino, the president of football’s world governing body, announced a timely solution for the women’s World Cup from July 20 to August 20, saying: “I think we’ve all gone through a learning process.” Voss-Tecklenburg said they were interested in a joint solution “where certain messages can perhaps also be transported”.

According to President Bernd Neuendorf, the decision to return to a black, red and gold captain’s armband for the men’s DFB selection was also pushed by the players. “We want to somehow concentrate on football and sport now,” he explained. At the World Cup in Qatar, Neuendorf was unable to assert itself in a dispute with Fifa over the socio-political symbolism of the bandage.

Fifa had forbidden the DFB and other associations in Qatar to use the bandage, which stands for diversity, under threat of sanctions. The ban had caused a lot of quarrels with the German team during the tournament. It culminated in the hand-to-mouth gesture made by captain Manuel Neuer and the other players before the game against Japan kicked off.

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