SV Ried is worried about the use of several players due to illness

SV Ried is worried about the use of several players due to illness
Ried trainer Maximilian Senft has to improvise against WAC.

The SV Guntamatic Ried footballers completed an intensive training session on Wednesday afternoon in the Klaus Roitinger Stadium. At the end there were a few short training matches with the participation of the Young Vikings on the program.

Without the second team, such training games with 22 players would be difficult at the moment. Before the start of the Bundesliga qualifying group on Saturday at Wolfsberger AC (5 p.m.), coach Maximilian Senft had to deal with major personnel problems during the international break. As if the injury-related absences of Marcel Ziegl, Nikola Stosic, Stefan Nutz and Denizcan Cosgun weren’t enough, there is now a big question mark over the use of several players against WAC due to illness.

Christoph Monschein and Christoph Lang were absent from training on Wednesday. A deployment of the duo at the weekend is very unlikely. Philipp Pomer and Leo Mikic are also affected. Whether the two will be in the squad on Saturday will only be decided at very short notice. Aleksandar Lutovac did only light running training on Wednesday. One or the other will be missing on Saturday, “whatever happens, it happens, we have a lot of hungry players who can then jump into the breach,” says coach Senft. David Ungar has to pause against WAC for the last time because of his red suspension (for three games). There is good news from central midfielder Michael Martin, who was also ill. The 22-year-old German was able to complete Wednesday’s training session, so there is hope for an assignment in Wolfsberg.

Captain Marcel Ziegl could soon be a topic in the professional squad again. A comeback next Friday in the away game of the Young Vikings against the LASK Amateurs in the Regionalliga Mitte does not seem to be out of the question. Samuel Sahin-Radlinger could even return to the Rieder squad against Wolfsberg. “We’ll wait and see how his body reacts over the next two days, the training sessions were very positive,” says Senft.

When asked how he expects Wolfsberger AC, who have not lived up to expectations so far this season, on Saturday, the Ried coach replies: “I’m assuming that a lot of input has come from the new coaching team over the past two weeks. All in all, it’s a team with a very good attack. We’ll fight back.”

In the relegation battle, Rieder want to score “with unity on the pitch”, which Senft describes as “basis”. “We need an attitude that is worthy of a relegation battle. This is absolutely given, and we also need full conviction in our behavior and our game idea,” says Senft.

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