Darts: Bunter Bär for Berlin winner Clayton: “Great feeling”

Darts: Bunter Bär for Berlin winner Clayton: “Great feeling”

Jonny Clayton triumphs for the first time this Premier League season. The Welshman shines in Berlin with victories over van Gerwen, Price and Smith. As a reward there is a special prize.

After his stunning winning streak, Jonny Clayton seemed completely detached on the big darts stage in Berlin.

“The Ferret”, as Clayton is called, euphorically swung his fist – then he proudly had a colorful Berlin bear presented to him as a prize for the day’s victory in the important Premier League. “This is a fantastic gift, absolutely brilliant. It will have a special place in my trophy case. It’s one of the most colorful trophies ever,” said Clayton.

Clayton defeated the defending Dutch champion Michael van Gerwen (6:5), his compatriot Gerwyn Price (6:4) and England’s world champion Michael Smith (6:4). “It’s a great feeling. To come back and win here is great,” said the 48-year-old Clayton.

Seven days after the 6-1 draw against Price in Newcastle, it was also a welcome reconciliation for the veteran. “Last week was a low point. That hurt me a lot,” Clayton said of the game, in which he had no chance with a poor performance. In the table, Clayton can now hope for a playoff qualification again. Van Gerwen and Price look set for the finals but behind them there are plenty of contenders for the other two places for London.

Source: Stern

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