They fired him for losing all the games but he applied for DT de Boca

They fired him for losing all the games but he applied for DT de Boca

A former club player had an unfortunate job as coach, but he did not lose his morale and ran to succeed Hugo Ibarra.


The surprising departure of Hugo Ibarra As Boca’s coach, he left the La Ribera entity convulsed, working against the clock to find the successor of whom he decided to kick out the Football Council and appeared as an unexpected candidate Pablo Miglioreformer club goalkeeper who applied after a meager step Phoenix in Primera B

migliore He comes from premiering his coaching title in recent months, where he recorded a short stint Phoenixof the First B, where he lost the five games he played at the start of the season and ended up stepping aside. “The technical knowledge is possessed by all of us who have a license. We could say that this is the theoretical part, the practical part is knowing the club and its people. Not everyone can complete this requirement,” he started in a story on his Twitter account. instagram.


And he continued: “Very few of us know the intimacy of the club and the feeling of the fans, I am privileged to enjoy knowing what it is about. Then we have to see if I can sustain group harmony, I think character for I don’t lack that.”

Regarding the bond that the coaches of Mouth with the Football Council, Migliore clarified: “My only commitment would be with Boca and with the truth. I have no problem talking about football with Romanwith Chicho (Serna)with Ameal, with whoever. What’s more, it seems logical to me that the DT explains to the club authorities why he makes the decisions. This yes, the group must know that the decisions are of the DT and are part of his convictions”.

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