Nagelsmann separation: Kahn on Matthew’s accusation of lying: “Unsteady and also lacking in style”

Nagelsmann separation: Kahn on Matthew’s accusation of lying: “Unsteady and also lacking in style”

The course of the separation from Julian Nagelsmann at FC Bayern continues to cause a stir. Record national player Lothar Matthäus raises allegations. Kahn countered with clear words.

Oliver Kahn firmly rejected Lothar Matthäus’ accusation of lying. “We always told the truth,” said the CEO of FC Bayern Munich on the TV station Bild. “I don’t know what Lothar says, sees, hears or even feels like he says.”

Kahn had a verbal argument with record national player Matthäus before the 4: 2 (3: 0) of the German soccer record champions on Saturday against Borussia on the Sky microphone. Later Matthew followed suit. “I know that Oliver Kahn is lying,” said the 62-year-old on the “t-online” news portal. The reason was the exact process of separating from coach Julian Nagelsmann.

“Chief Critic of German Football”

After his career, Matthäus rose to the position of “chief critic of German football” “via one detour or the other,” said Kahn. It’s okay that you don’t wear kid gloves and that things get violent at times. “However, you shouldn’t cross certain limits. He said we trampled on ‘Mia san Mia’. I still don’t know exactly what he means by that,” said Kahn.

“It’s only when you criticize the chief critic yourself that I always have the feeling that he can’t handle it at all and then allows himself to be carried away with such baseless and styleless statements. He, who accuses us and therefore also FC Bayern, to have acted without style. But that’s Lothar,” criticized Kahn. “Hasan and I have always told the truth and Lothar’s allegations don’t change anything.”

On Friday, March 24, Nagelsmann drove to the Bayern headquarters on Säbener Strasse for the crucial meeting. The record champions then announced the separation and the commitment of successor Thomas Tuchel. Both personal details had already been extensively reported on Thursday evening.

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