Cristiano Ronaldo’s frustration in Saudi Arabia is growing

Cristiano Ronaldo’s frustration in Saudi Arabia is growing

Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing in Saudi Arabia for a huge salary since the beginning of the year. The superstar doesn’t seem happy. Recently, the sporting setbacks have increased and he has to listen to “Messi” calls from the fans.

The pictures speak a clear language. A visibly frustrated Ronaldo makes his way into the dressing room after the half-time whistle. Passing the bench at his club Al-Nassr FC, the Portuguese superstar cursed the coaching staff. He stops for a moment and waves his arms indignantly. Ronaldo is apparently dissatisfied. His Al-Nassr side were trailing 1-0 at half-time in the Cup semi-final against relegation-threatened Al-Wahda FC at home. It doesn’t get any better. Ronaldo and his team can’t even use the red card for the opponent in the 53rd minute. The star himself hits the bar. You lose and fly out of the cup.

After losing in the League Cup, it was the second setback for the Saudi club, who had signed Ronaldo over the winter break in a bid to hoist as many trophies and glory as possible. The superstar is said to receive 200 million euros a year for his services. But the Portuguese commitment does not look like a pleasure tour at the moment. “Ronaldo is not a happy man right now,” commented a reporter on Sky Ronaldo’s gripe. In the Arabian desert state of all places, he is threatened with a season without a title.

Grip on the genitals

The angry gesture towards the coaching bench was not the first questionable action. In the game against Al-Hilal a week earlier, Ronaldo felled an opponent with a chokehold. The league game was lost 2-0 and Ronaldo grabbed his crotch after the final whistle. Observers suspected that he was reacting to the “Messi” calls from opposing fans. Because numerous Saudi fans constantly provoke Ronaldo with the name of his once greatest rival.

According to media reports in Saudi Arabia, after the clear grab on his own genitals, there have already been demands to block Ronaldo. His club Al-Nassr justified the gesture with an alleged injury. Events clearly show that the superstar’s reputation in Saudi Arabia has been tarnished.

Ronaldo Dissatisfied with the coach

The current coach, Serbian Dinko Jelicic, should try everything to calm the enraged Ronaldo or he may meet the same fate as his predecessor Rudi Garcia. The Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported that the French coach had recently been fired after a complaint from Ronaldo. Successor Jelicic – see above – didn’t do any better and lost the first two games.

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