Bodyboard: This is what you need for the water sports trend of 2023

Bodyboard: This is what you need for the water sports trend of 2023

Bodyboarding is reminiscent of surfing and is suitable for young and old. The main difference is the lying position on the board. Here you will find tips about the popular water sport that will make it easier to get started.

Bodyboarding is the water sports trend for 2023. When you see the boards, you immediately think of popular surfing. However, bodyboards are more compact and shaped differently. Lying on them, the sea of ​​waves can be prepared. Here you can find out which bodyboards are available for children and adults and which accessories are suitable.

What is body boarding?

Bodyboarding is water sports. You lie on a stable board, lean on it with your hands and surf the waves like a real surfer. Just lying down. Bodyboarding is an alternative to surfing, especially for children, because it is easier to start lying down. In terms of skill and technique, bodyboarding also takes a lot of practice. Experienced athletes ride the waves on the small board while kneeling or standing. For free time — for example on summer vacation — bodyboards are a great pastime for the whole family. Small children can even slide over the waves in shallow water under parental supervision.

Body boards for children

When buying a bodyboard for your children, pay attention to which size is suitable for which age and weight. You have the choice between and . The former offers the advantage of being easy to store and transport. The inflatable models are therefore the better choice for vacation trips. There is also , which give children more security and support. So that the board does not disappear in the waves, a so-called “leash” (German: Leine) is also available. It is attached to the wrist or ankle so that surfer and board are connected.

Body boards for adults

If you want to practice bodyboarding as a hobby on vacation, the family offers one like the little ones at. They are easier to pack and transport and usually cost less. Of course there are also, the advantage is that they do not need any preparation time, are ready for use immediately and offer more stability. When buying a bodyboard for adults, also pay attention to the information on height and weight so that you can choose the right board.

Matching accessories for bodyboards

bodyboard fins

If you want to practice bodyboarding more professionally, you can go to invest. Because if you want to ride in deeper water, you need them to push off vigorously, which means you have to paddle hard. The fins provide more propulsion and make it easier to glide through the water.

neoprene socks

Flexible offer more comfort and warmth in cold waters. The sole also ensures better contact with the bodyboard.

board leash

In the waves, the bodyboard can quickly disappear after a fall. Stay in control with one , which connects your wrist or ankle (the upper arm is also possible) to the board. The leash is often made of flexible material and is elastic.

protective cover

This bodyboard accessory needs little explanation. A practical one protects the board from dirt and bumps. Protective covers are particularly suitable for transport. But also for storage in the basement or in the attic. Other accessories such as fins, leashes or neoprene socks can also be easily stowed away so that everything is stored in one place.


A serves the same purpose as the neoprene socks. It protects against the cold in colder waters. The thermal protection significantly increases comfort and is a sensible investment.

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