According to the media, Messi has been banned internally by PSG for two weeks – without salary

According to the media, Messi has been banned internally by PSG for two weeks – without salary

Megastar Lionel Messi has apparently received a severe punishment from an employer Paris Saint-Germain. The club reportedly ban the Argentine for two weeks.

Hard blow for the world champion: According to media reports, Paris Saint-Germain has suspended its superstar Lionel Messi for two weeks within the club. According to the generally well-informed broadcaster RMC and the sports magazine “L’Équipe”, the reason for this is a trip that has not been agreed. RMC wrote that Messi had traveled to Saudi Arabia as part of his job as a tourism ambassador. Messi himself posted a promotional post on Instagram a few days ago, in which he wrote that he loves exploring the “unexpected wonders” of Saudi Arabia whenever he can.

Messi will not receive any salary from PSG during the suspension

The suspension applies with immediate effect. According to the reports, soccer world champion Messi is not allowed to take part in games or training. He should also not receive any salary in the two weeks.

Recently there had been repeated rumors about a possible change of the world champion to Saudi Arabia, where long-term competitor Cristiano Ronaldo is already playing at Al-Nasr. There is talk that Al-Hilal Messi is said to have made an offer. The post reignited speculation among fans. The Argentine’s contract in France ends on June 30, 2023. There is also speculation about a return to FC Barcelona. Messi played for PSG in the 3-1 (2-1) loss to FC Lorient on Sunday.

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