The IGJ intimidated Santiago Maratea

The IGJ intimidated Santiago Maratea

The influencer who carries out the collection to pay the debt of Independiente will have to present a copy of the trust signed last week since the IGJ considered that there were irregularities in the legal procedure.

This Wednesday, and in the midst of the million-dollar collection for Independiente, Santiago Maratea was summoned to present a copy of the trust before the General Inspectorate of Justice. The influencer will have two business days to deliver the documentation requested by the supervisory body.

The problem arises from The registration of the trust was made in Neuquén since the lawyers of Independiente and Maratea assured that their legislation was “friendlier” to do the necessary paperwork. However, from the IGJ considered that this decision was irregular and that they should review it.


In addition, the procedure was carried out before a College of Notaries, which makes the trust “private”when, in reality, its registration should be made in the Public Registry.

While the AFIP He also put the magnifying glass on the collection of Maratea, The move has already raised more than 600 million pesos. However, if irregularities are confirmed, the trust It could be canceled and lose its validity.

So far, the collection that has collected $600,001,411.68according to the latest update provided by Maratea on his official Twitter account.

Source: Ambito

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