Tagliafico showed all his artistic skills with a portrait of Di María

Tagliafico showed all his artistic skills with a portrait of Di María

The Argentine left-back drew Ángel Di María and revolutionized the networks. “The one with the goals in the finals”, he titled it.


The left back of the Argentine and French Lyon national team, world champion in Qatar 2022, became a benchmark for young people due to his streams and online chats with his followers.

After lifting the World Cup, his videos recounting the intimacies of that feat of the Argentine National Team had millions of views and from that moment on, every movement of his on the networks has gone viral.

This new post was no exception. But it also had its impact because of how well the portrait he did of a teammate of his came out in the titles of Champion of America, the Finalíssima and the World Cup final.

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In those three games the honoree for tagliafico He scored goals, which is why the portrait is accompanied by the phrase: “El fide: The one with the goals in the finals… @angeldimariajm”.

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