Mascherano said that Scaloni “was crucial” for his continuity in the U-20 Selection

Mascherano said that Scaloni “was crucial” for his continuity in the U-20 Selection

The coach of the Argentina U-20 team, Javier Mascheranoassured today that it was “crucial” the talk he had with the Major League coach, lionel scalonifor his continuity at the head of the team facing the worldwhere the target will be “improve” and “play all seven games”.

“After the South American I wanted to take time to think about many things, because it was a very hard blow and a failure for us. I wanted to give them the chance to see how to continue with the project and for that reason I wanted to step aside. It was The talk I had with Scaloni at the Ezeiza property was crucial”expressed mascherano in dialogue with D Sports Radio.

And added: “I came to the National Team as coach for Scaloni. We had a talk and they showed me the arguments for why they wanted me to continue.”

“Obviously something has to change. We are analyzing and working to give the boys another message. We have the responsibility of preparing them and showing them what they are going to find in Europe”the former central midfielder continued.

Regarding the list of summoned, with several important absences such as those of Alejandro Garnacho, Nicolas Paz and Facundo Buonanotteindicated: “We knew the difficulty we had with foreign players and we appreciate the ones we can count on. The European clubs had no obligation and when that is the case, each one looks for their own convenience.”

“The boys who are in Europe went out of their way to come and play in the U-20 World Cup. They all made their best effort. They are 18-year-old footballers, we can’t tell them to kick everything to come either”added mascherano.

Regarding the World Cup, the coach said: “The Argentine National Team always has to be the protagonist. Sometimes I feel that we have to be more simple or pragmatic and we will try to find a way around that. The primary objective is to improve, because the squad has changed a lot, and play all seven games.”

Finally, the “Jefecito” referred to the summons of the left side of Mouth Valentine Boat: “We had him in the process, he went to L’Alcudia with us and he was the figure. When he came back he had an injury and we didn’t take him to the South American because of that. He didn’t have the continuity we wanted.”

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