Registration for the 2023 Buenos Aires Games began

Registration for the 2023 Buenos Aires Games began

The government of Axel Kicillof announced today that registrations for the 32nd edition of Buenos Aires Games 2023the most important sports and cultural tournament in the province of Buenos Aires, and explained that they will be open until April 30.

In a statement, the Ministry of Community Development indicated that participants may enroll in the Youth, People with Disabilities and Transplanted, Older Adults, and University Students categories. The competition will have its three stages of dispute: Municipal, Regional and Provincial Final; and, like previous editions, it will have more than one hundred disciplines including sports and cultural activities.

The Municipal stage will be from May 1 to June 30, it can end 10 days prior to the date of the Regional dispute corresponding to the discipline. The stipulated date for the Regional is between July 1 and August 31; while the Provincial Final will take place from September 15 to 20.

Among the main novelties, this year’s edition will include the 6th grade category for mixed Softball and Soccer 7. For the “Open School” modality there will be no limit of federated athletes. In addition, Hockey becomes 11 for the free category, and Seven for Copa Buenos Aires; Men’s Rugby will be 15 for free and Sevens for Copa Buenos Aires.

In previous years, beach sports have had a great growth, so in Handball, the Sub 18 category will be added to the already existing Under 16 category. In turn, the call for Beach Volleyball and Beach Soccer is maintained.

Meanwhile, people with disabilities may be part of Sitting Volleyball, Table Tennis, Swimming, Goalball, PC Soccer, Int’l Soccer, Down Syndrome, Soccer with Intellectual Disabilities, Bonaerenses in Race, Boccia, S/R Basketball, Badminton and Athletics.

As in the last edition, the sports in which Transplanted Persons can participate will be: 1500m Athletics, 50m Freestyle Swimming and Table Tennis.

The Buenos Aires Games are characterized by being a meeting point for the community, where categories and ages come together. In this edition, the “Intergeneration” modality is incorporated, in which children under 60 years of age can participate, with a limit of one Under 18 This initiative will be in the disciplines Orienteering, Trick and Tejo, for Older Adults. For its part, a category “B” from Newcom will also be added.

The disciplines that compete in the Buenos Aires Cup, such as Basketball 5 vs 5, Handball, Hockey, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer 11, Volleyball, Soccer 7-Mixed, Beach Volleyball, Futsal and Basketball 3 vs 3, must register and participate in the Municipal and Regional stages, then they will continue according to the regulations of said contest.

Together with the Cultural Institute of the Province, more than 15 disciplines will be coordinated, including Buenos Aires Cooks, Freestyle Rap, Theater, Rock Music and Cumbia Group. In turn, among the cultural disciplines for people with disabilities, are the Malambo, Vocal Soloist, Folkloric Dance and Oral Narration, among others.

Registration will be open until April 30 through the website https://juegos.gba.gob.ar/.

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