Messi’s discharge after PSG’s sanction: “I apologize”

Messi’s discharge after PSG’s sanction: “I apologize”

The captain of the Argentine team recorded a video to apologize for missing training due to his business trip to Saudi Arabia. “I am waiting for what the club decides,” he assured.

Lionel Messi broke the silence after the very harsh sanction that the Paris Saint-Germain. The man from Rosario recorded a video of himself where he apologized to the Parisian club for his trip to Saudi Arabia.

After the insults he received from fans of the psgthe striker from Rosario apologized for his actions and clarified that he is “waiting for what the club decides”. It is a fact that Messi will not renew and will stop playing in Paris after half a year The main option is to return to Barcelonaalthough he will not lack million-dollar offers.

The discharge of Messi

“I wanted to make this video after everything that is happening. First of all, I would obviously apologize to my teammates and the club. I honestly thought we were going to have a free time after the game, as had been the case in previous weeks”declared a Messi who dressed in a shirt and suit to record a home video.

In closing, he added: “I had organized this trip to Arabia which I had previously canceled and I couldn’t. I’ll repeat it again, apologize for what I did and here I am waiting for what the club decides.”

The fleeting visit of Messi to Saudi Arabia is the trigger for a background: its non-renewal in Paris. The captain of the Argentine team is not training on the premises (he is not allowed) and would be stopped for between 13 and 14 days, for which he would lose two games in the final stretch of the league 1.

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