Line of five? Almirón begins to define the Boca team for the superclassic

Line of five?  Almirón begins to define the Boca team for the superclassic

The coach of Mouth juniors, Jorge Almironthink of a line of five defenders to play the Super classic in view of River this Sunday at the Más Monumental, without considering the Colombian Frank Fabra, finally excluded from the list of concentrates for the game on Sunday for the 15th. date of Professional League Football (LPF).

The coach will finish resolving the team in tomorrow’s soccer practice, after completing regenerative exercises this Friday for Thursday night’s game against Colo Colo from Chile for the Copa Libertadores.

Almirón could give the team directly the same Sunday, hours before the game, in the corridors of the Más Monumental.

According to what Télam was able to find out, the coach -who has just achieved three consecutive victories and who is going through his best moment since he took office on April 9- has the idea of ​​putting together a line of five defenders as he proposed in the final part against the trans-Andean champion.

In this tactical drawing, we think about the projections of Luis Advíncula and Valentín Barco, when the team goes on the offensive, and there are only three left in the back line.

In relation to last Wednesday’s game, there is a forced change that is the absence of Martín Payerowho is suspended in the League for having seen the red card against Racing last date.

The ex-Banfield, sent off last weekend in the 3-1 victory over Racing Club at La Bombonera, is one of the most outstanding footballers in Almirón’s brief cycle at Boca, apart from the fact that he did not perform well in the win against Colo-Colo 2-0 in Chile.

If he uses the five-back tactic, with the inclusion of Nicolás Valentini as a third defender from the left, instead of Marcelo Weingandt, passing Luis Advíncula as a winger from the right sector, in the middle of the field could be Ezequiel Fernández or Cristian Medina instead of Payero.


If so, a possible alignment would be with Sergio Romero; Luis Advíncula, Facundo Roncaglia, Nicolás Figal, Nicolás Valentini and Valentín Barco; Guillermo “Pol” Fernández, Alan Varela and Equi Fernández or Cristian Medina; Luis Vazquez and Sebastian Villa.

In his first match as Boca’s coach, in the 1-0 loss against San Lorenzo as a visitor, Almirón also established a line of five defenders.

Nor should the option that the youthful Valentín Barco, another point in favor of the coach, be able to move to the middle of the field and in that case Valentini or Agustín Sandez would move to the position of left marker should not be ruled out.

Fabra, the holder by history in that position, was tested today at the Ezeiza stadium with the footballers who did not play against Colo Colo and in the afternoon he was discarded from the list of those mentioned.

The Colombian suffered an injury to the internal lateral ligament of his right knee on April 9 in the loss against Colón de Santa Fe, corresponding to the interim cycle of Mariano Herrón.

Some good news from today’s training in Boca was that Marcos Rojo was back in formal soccer practice after having undergone surgery on the cruciate ligaments in his right knee last October, after being injured in the match against Sarmiento de Junín in the xeneize victory by 1 to 0.

The most optimistic think that the captain and benchmark of the squad may be among the players who will travel to Colombia to play on the 24th of this month against Deportivo Pereira for the fourth date of group F of the Copa Libertadores.

Tomorrow, starting at 11 o’clock, the “aperitif” will be played in the superclassic in the reserve category at the Ezeiza property with free transmission on the LPF website www.lpfplay.com.

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