Godoy Cruz and Unión tied scoreless at the start of the 15th. date of the LPF

Godoy Cruz and Unión tied scoreless at the start of the 15th.  date of the LPF

Godoy Cruz and Unión tied today without goals at the start of the fifteenth date of the Professional Soccer League, a match that was played at the Víctor Antonio Legrotaglie stadium in Mendoza.

At the end of the game, referee Nazareno Arasa canceled a goal against Unión after the VAR call by the hand of Imanol Machuca in the play prior to Mauro Luna Diale’s conversion.

The result placed the men from Mendoza in ninth position with 22 points, in the Copa Sudamericana zone; while Union is still in the last position with only 9 units.

The “Tatengue” accumulated eight dates without winning in the third game of the cycle of “Gallego” Sebastián Méndez, which began after the departure of the Uruguayan Gustavo Munúa and an interim of Marcelo Mosset.

Godoy Cruz was the one who put pressure on Unión and generated dangerous situations from the start, like at minute 11, when Tadeo Allende defined from the outside with his right foot and the ball passed close to Santiago Mele’s left post.

At 15, Enzo Larrosa was close to opening the scoring, also with a shot from outside the area, and in 34m. he counted on a second chance with a weak header.

Unión could not get out of the siege of the Mendoza team, and speculated with some isolated arrival of counterattack, which did not hurt the local team, which today played at the Víctor Antonio Legrotaglie stadium, of Gimnasia de Mendoza, because Malvinas Argentinas is undergoing renovations for the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

In the first part, Godoy Cruz was the clear dominator and generator of risky situations, but he was not precise in the definitions.

The second part, the team led by Sebastián Méndez, began to reach the rival area, under pressure from Imanol Machuca and Kevin Zenon in the middle and from Lucas Esquivel from behind.

Luna Diale’s disallowed goal reached 32m. and the definition of the VAR put the outcome of the match on hold. Unión had the feeling of winning for a few minutes but technology took it away definitively in the Mendoza afternoon.

On the next date, Godoy Cruz will visit Huracán at the Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium (Friday 12, 8:00 p.m.) and Unión will receive Sarmiento de Junín (Monday 15, 8:30 p.m.).

= Synthesis =

Godoy Cruz: Diego Rodriguez; Lucas Arce, Pier Barrios, Federico Rasmussen and Juan Meli; Gonzalo Abrego and Bruno Laws; Tadeo Allende, Hernán López Muñoz and Roberto Fernández; Enzo Larrosa. DT: Daniel Oldrá.

Union: Santiago Mele; Federico Vera, Franco Calderón, Claudio Corvalán and Lucas Esquivel; Luciano Aued; Imanol Machuca, Enzo Roldán, Mauro Luna Diale and Kevin Zenón: Thiago Vecino. DT: Sebastian Mendez.

Substitutions in the second half: 13m. Salomón Rodríguez for Larrosa and Matías Ramírez for Fernández (GC); 20m. Junior Marabel for Corvalán and Oscar Piris for Vecino (U); 26m. Luciano Cingolani by Laws (GC); 32m. Yeison Gordillo for Aued (U); 37m. Julián Eseiza for Meli and Tomás Conechny for López (GC); 42m. Martín Cañete for Luna Diale (U).

Reprimanded: Arce. Meli and López Muñóz (G); Vera and Corvalán (U)

Referee: Nazareno Arasa.

VAR: Pablo Dovalo.

Stadium: Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza (local Godoy Cruz).

Source: Ambito

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