Agropecuario Argentino liquidated San Martín (SJ) 4-1 at home

Agropecuario Argentino liquidated San Martín (SJ) 4-1 at home

Agropecuario was more and defeated S. Martín SJ 4-1, on date 15 of zone A of Argentina – First National Championship 2023. The goals of the match for the local were scored by Juan Pablo Passaglia (5′ 1T), Julián Marcioni (6′ 2T), Diego Diellos (48′ 2T) and Abel Masuero (15′ 2T, against). While the visitor’s goal was scored by Cristian Ludueña (37′ 2T, from a free kick).

The figure of the party was Cristian Ludueña. The striker from San Martín (SJ) showed his best level by scoring 1 goal.

Juan Pablo Passaglia also played a good match. The Agropecuario Argentino midfielder scored 1 goal.

The match had several cautioned: Francisco Grahl, Nicolás Pelaitay, Leonel Bontempo and Alejandro Melo.

The agricultural strategist, Gabriel Gómez, stopped the starting eleven with a 4-4-2 formation with Juan Francisco Rago in goal; Rafael Barrios, Diego Mondino, Fernando Moreyra and Milton Ramos on the defensive line; Damián Lemos, Martín Rivero, Alejandro Melo and Juan Pablo Passaglia in the middle; and Julián Marcioni and Mauricio Asenjo in attack.

For their part, those chosen by César Monasterio entered the field of play with a 4-4-2 scheme with Mariano Monllor under the three sticks; Alejandro Molina, Abel Masuero, Augusto Aguirre and Leonel Bontempo in defense; Benjamín Borasi, Jonathan Blanco, Nicolás Pelaitay and Francisco Grahl in midfield; and Sebastián González and Nicolás Franco up front.

The judge chosen to direct the match at the Ofelia Rosenzuaig stadium was Gastón Monsón Brizuela.

For the following date, Agropecuario will act as a visitor against Flandria and S. Martín SJ will receive Guillermo Brown.

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