“None of the drivers like it”: Hard criticism of Miami after Formula 1 races

“None of the drivers like it”: Hard criticism of Miami after Formula 1 races
Charles Leclerc and LL Cool J
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“I’m open to new things, but I don’t need to,” said Mercedes’ George Russell. That was just a distraction. “We stand there for half an hour in the blazing sun.” The pilots were introduced individually by US rapper LL Cool J. Musician will.i.am presented the Formula 1 anthem with an orchestra. “None of the drivers like it,” said Lando Norris.

“Some people like to be in the limelight, others don’t. Personally, I don’t like it. What they did today wasn’t necessary for me,” stressed race winner Max Verstappen. Starting from ninth place on the track on Sunday, he put on the big show – just as he liked it. But he also understands the entertainment value, said the 25-year-old Dutchman from Red Bull. “As long as it doesn’t happen too often, it’s okay,” said Verstappen’s team-mate, Sergio Pérez. The Mexican had finished second.

Hamilton defended deposit before the race

Third-place finisher Fernando Alonso stressed that he’s also not a fan of big things like that. The 41-year-old two-time world champion also pointed out that it is right in the middle of the drivers’ preparation phase. Then they should omit the drivers’ parade, for example, suggested Alonso. However, the Spaniard is against selected races where the drivers are presented in this way. “If we do it, we’ll do it everywhere. I don’t think the fans in Miami are better than in Imola, in Spain, in Mexico or in Japan,” he admitted.

Record world champion Lewis Hamilton defended the deposit before the race: “It’s great to see how the sport is growing and changing.” They would do things like that to improve the show. “I fully support it,” said the seven-time champion and Russell teammate.

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