A prosecutor investigates three players for the incidents in the Superclásico

A prosecutor investigates three players for the incidents in the Superclásico

The City Police drew up records against River and Boca soccer players after the fight that broke out on the playing field. A prosecutor will investigate them and they could receive a conviction.

The prosecutor specialized in massive events of the City of Buenos Aires, celsa ramirezlaunched an investigation against three players from Mouth and River for the incidents that occurred at the end of the Super classic which was played in the stadium Monumental.

One of the causes is against the footballers of the cast of La Ribera, red frames and Luis Vazquezand that of the Núñez set, Augustine Palavecino.

TO vazquez and palavecino they are investigated for “incite disorder” and it was as a result of the riots generated after the goal of Miguel Borja where the River player yelled the goal to the goalkeeper Sergio Romero and vazquez he reacted wanting to hit him.

Article 118 of the Misdemeanor Code points out that whoever falls on that figure in the framework of a massive artistic or sports spectacle, is sanctioned with a fine of up to 50 thousand pesos or of 5 to 30 days of arrest.

About Redthe investigation is for having entered a place without authorization from the field of play and could also receive an economic penalty or community work for doing.

There are also ten people arrested for incidents with police personnel and for selling trout tickets in the vicinity of the stadium.

In addition, the excess of public in the Monumental stadium is investigated, specifically in the San Martín high and medium stands, the Sívori Alta and the Belgrano Alta.

Source: Ambito

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