They denounced the general secretary of the AFA, Pablo Toviggino, for threats

They denounced the general secretary of the AFA, Pablo Toviggino, for threats

The football businessman Guillermo Tofoni denounced criminally for “threats” to the general secretary of the AFA, Pablo Tovigginoin the midst of a dispute over the rights to exploit the Argentine Soccer Team.

Tofoni made the complaint as a result of a series of tweets published by Toviggino in your personal account.

In one of them, according to the complaint, “He published an image in which a dismembered piece of meat can be seen with the following message: REST IN PEACE!!! The Verse is Finished!!!”.

According to Tofoni, this “evidence the extreme seriousness of the threat in question.”

“Not only has it generated a constant fear to this day about what the defendant can do, what he is capable of, but he has shown his intention to harm me and harm me at any cost”maintained the complainant.

“Through this image of the dismembered meat and a message that reads ‘rest in peace’ the accused has made a clear allusion to the fact that my physical integrity could end up in these conditions if I continue to promote the criminal complaint filed”he added.

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In this context, he called for a series of protection measures, including “the prohibition of contact by any means, of approaching a distance of less than 300 meters from the undersigned and, in the case of being accidentally in the public or private space, the obligation to immediately withdraw from the place”.

Besides, Tofoni also requested “urgent police order at the real residence to protect his life and that of his family”.

“All this until the completion of the process, for the purpose of safeguarding the physical and psychological integrity of the undersigned since, to date, I am affected and frightened by the threatening attitude shown by the defendant towards me, as can be seen in the account of the facts”summarized.

Tofoni denounced the president of the AFA, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapiafor the alleged “disruption of agreed rights” in the organization of matches of the Argentine national team.

The object of that cause, which instructs the judge Julián Ercolini and prosecutor Eduardo Taianowas later extended to the eventual crime of “asset laundering”.

The AFA also denounced Tofoni for using his name for sports ventures without authorization to do so and obtained a precautionary measure that prevents him from invoking that representativeness.

In this scenario, the series of tweets from Tovigginoone of whom accuses: “You scammed in many countries. You used the name of AFA for personal purposes. Justice prohibited you from using the name of AFA and you continue to do so with your company (AFIP SHOULD INTERVENE) ghost. But we are going to take all this thoroughly Tofo !!! “.

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