Gago assured that he is still in Racing despite the wave of defeats

Gago assured that he is still in Racing despite the wave of defeats

The coach of racing, Fernando Gago, assured last night that he will continue in the club avellaneda despite the talk of its continuity, after the “Academy” fell defeated 4 to 2 by Workshops of Cordoba in the “Cylinder”.

“I understand that people talk about my continuity, but I am calm”expressed the DT in a press conference.

His team was whistled off the field of play, since they lost five of the last six games in the Professional Football League (LPF) and tied the remainder.

“I was meeting with the players until recently. The results are bad, we have to lift”said the former Boca midfielder.

And added: “I understand that there is talk of my continuity, but I am calm. This is to win and we have to work to achieve it. I trust the players who are going to change this present”.

gago analyzed the defeat with workshops and pointed out: “We made mistakes on the defensive end, we didn’t do what we thought we had to do in the previous one. We have to recover the confidence we showed with Flamengo. We did it three days ago, until Gabi (Gabriel Hauche) was sent off”.

Then, he spoke about the whistles that the team received after the match against the Cordovan team: “The people thing is normal, the people want to win and so do we. We work to give the boys the tools. We need to raise from the collective and from the individual because that generates confidence.”

“It’s not good that they score a goal after five minutes, but with Flamengo we started losing. Obviously we’re hurt, wanting revenge and getting a good performance on the field of play”he expressed.

Regarding the assembly of the campus, he indicated: “I was convinced of the setup of the squad. Obviously, there is an injury factor that one does not plan for. Yes, a muscle injury, but not serious injuries and someone who was injured five times tells you that.”

Finally, he explained that “It just so happened that the muscle injuries all happened together and also the boys’ rush to want to play.”

“‘Gabi’ Rojas returned after 13 days and today he wanted to play and he wasn’t going to risk it. There are issues of biology that we have to respect”he concluded.

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