Scaloni’s advice to Messi: “Let him be happy on a court”

Scaloni’s advice to Messi: “Let him be happy on a court”

The coach of the Argentine national team, lionel scaloniheld that Lionel Messi “He must play where he feels most comfortable”, regarding his uncertain present at PSG, and although he described it as “the best”, he indicated that when it comes to having to choose in an inevitable comparison with Diego Maradona stays “with both”.

Later Scaloni, who attended a coaches’ conference in Qatar, when questioned by local television, indicated that if he had to choose a foreign player that he would have liked to be Argentine, he ended up leaning “for Neymar”.

“Honestly, Messi has to play where he feels most comfortable, where his teammates are close, because he has already won everything with the Argentine National Team shirt. He has to be happy on a pitch to make people around the world enjoy themselves. And the country where you do it doesn’t matter”he stressed.


“And personally, that world final won here against France was the summary of a lifetime dedicated to being a footballer first and then a coach. Winning a World Cup for an Argentine is a dream, perhaps much more than for any other” , he remarked.

Just during this weekend when this congress was held, in the same place his colleague Hernán Crespo became champion of the Qatari league with Al Duhail.

For Scaloni, a title is something “special” and more so if it is a world final. “That is why I would be lying if I said that we thought at some point that we were going to be world champions for the third time before coming to Qatar. The only thing we had in hand was the illusion of always and the conviction of being prepared to compete equally the same with everyone”he concluded.

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