Kun Aguero and the controversial comparison that made River fans angry

Kun Aguero and the controversial comparison that made River fans angry

The former striker Sergio Kun Aguerofaithful to his direct and frontal style, affirmed that “River has no chance against Manchester City”which unleashed the anger of the millionaire fans.

However, for Omen “there is no comparison” between the two teams, which would be the best in the leagues of England and the Argentina.

During the broadcast of Tuesday’s meeting between the real Madrid and the Manchester Cityfor the semifinal of the Champions League, Omen He maintained: “You can organize a friendly and play, but in terms of competition, you put River in the premier league to play against him Manchester City, and you don’t have a chance. He City sweeps you away.”

Then, as if to calm things down, the Kun -the top all-time scorer for the English team- clarified that “it doesn’t mean that River don’t have a good team.”

“But they have other preparation and other qualities of players. The quality that a European team like the Manchester City today, he does not have it River. There is no comparison,” she reaffirmed.

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Navarro Montoya’s sayings about River and City

The former goalkeeper, panelist in the chain ESPNruled that River is a “differential team with respect to the rest” and therefore “for me, it competes against the City and also against him Arsenal“.

“Until today, what it has shown is that it is a different team. It competes for its characteristics, for its way of playing, because it has a game physiognomy. And the coach has knowledge and training that has to do with European football “, compared Montoya.

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Boca Juniors Official

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