St. Pölten against Blau-Weiss Linz: Setting the course in the fight for promotion?

St. Pölten against Blau-Weiss Linz: Setting the course in the fight for promotion?
Blue and white also want to celebrate against St. Pölten
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Leader of the table SKN St. Pölten welcomes the first pursuer Blau Weiß Linz, who is one point behind. The winner of this duel has all the trumps in his hand three rounds before the end. Both clubs see themselves ready for the Bundesliga in terms of sport as well as economic and infrastructural areas. At the same time, however, it was emphasized in unison to the APA that the promotion was not a must. For example, Blau-Weiss managing director Christoph Peschek said: “We feel prepared and if the opportunity arises, we want to seize it. If we don’t succeed, we will try again next season.”

St. Pölten’s Economics Director Matthias Gebauer made a similar statement. “We’ve always said promotion would be a great thing, but it was never the declared goal. That’s why we’re going into the next few games relatively relaxed.” Gebauer added that the leap into the highest league was only expected in the next two seasons, pointing out that GAK, three points behind SKN, is another club with serious promotion prospects.

The Lower Austrians were relegated from the Bundesliga two years ago, before that they were first-class for five seasons. “That’s why we benefit from the fact that we still have many employees who know how things work upstairs,” explained Gebauer and named another advantage in the event of promotion. “For us, the fixed costs would not change much, but we would have more money available.” However, the managing director restricted: “Of course, the costs for the team are higher.”

As long as the promotion race has not been decided, St. Pölten calculates with both scenarios. “It’s a complicated process, but there will be one or two reinforcements in both leagues,” promised Gebauer. Cooperation partner VfL Wolfsburg will remain on board regardless of the end of the season. “They would be just as happy about a promotion as we are, but the cooperation will definitely continue. They are interested in a long-term project with us,” emphasized Gebauer.

Wawra before top game on vacation

As with the SKN, two tracks are currently being planned for Blau Weiß Linz. “We are taking a close look at the market and are already holding preliminary talks,” reported Peschek. Sport director Tino Wawra, who will be working for St. Pölten from next season, is not involved in these talks. Because of this spicy constellation, “we took Tino out of the squad planning” (Peschek). In addition, the ex-Ried professional is on vacation this week, after which he will take care of the proper handover to his successor Christoph Schößwendter.

With the appointment of the ex-Rapidler and Austrian, who will end his active career after this season, and the extension of coach Gerald Scheiblehner’s contract, important decisions have already been made in the sporting field, according to Peschek. In terms of infrastructure, they are already on track – the new season will be completed in the new stadium, emphasized the Viennese. The arena is currently under construction and the opening is planned for July.

Even if the climb should work out, there is still a lot to do, says Peschek. “We are in a transformation process and want to develop further in all areas with a growth strategy.” Union Berlin serves as a role model for the 39-year-old. “We also want to be a down-to-earth, approachable club.”

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