They arrest a suspect of being part of the gang that assaulted a Boca player

They arrest a suspect of being part of the gang that assaulted a Boca player

The midfielder “xeneize” Christian Medina was assaulted by three criminals on Tuesday, who threatened him with weapons when he was with his girlfriend in the Buenos Aires town of Castelar Northin the party of Hummockand they stole a 4×4 truck with which they later committed a second car robbery to a former soccer promotion goalscorer, police sources reported.

The arrest was made after a series of raids ordered by the prosecutor Matias Rappazzoof the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 7 of the Judicial Department Hummock.

Police sources informed Télam that the suspect, identified as Andres Sendros (32), was arrested at an address located on Morón street, in the Moreno district. There, the troops found six cell phones that will be examined in the next few days.

In addition, at 200 Camino de la Ribera, in Moreno, the Police found a junkyard, where they seized a Toyota Hilux that had been stolen on April 18; a Volkswagen Gol stolen on April 22; another Gol Trend stolen on May 14 of last year and a motorcycle stolen on February 1, 2023.

The prosecutor rappazzo ordered the seizure of all the vehicles and items found and the arrest warrant for an alleged accomplice of trails that today was intensely sought after.

The robbery to Medina (20) occurred after 10 p.m. last Tuesday at the intersection of Italia and Islas Malvinas streets, when the midfielder from Mouth He arrived at his home and was intercepted by two armed criminals who got out of a gray Ford Focus and took his van, a Volkswagen Amarok.

According to the sources, the thieves also took the cell phones of Medina and your partner and some personal documentation.

Judicial and police spokesmen told telam that with the 4×4 of the midfielder Mouththe gang committed another car theft in the San Alberto neighborhood of the party of Ituzaingówhere they took another high-end truck, a BMW X6, owned by the former soccer player Carlos Alberto “El Beto” Yaqué (51).

This second robbery occurred at the intersection of Intendente Ratti Avenue and West Access and began with a crash.

“The thieves, who were three and had been fleeing with the recently stolen Amarok truck, rear-ended the BMW and the driver of that truck began to chase them due to the traffic incident. There the gang decided to go down and take the BMW.”counted telam a legal source.

The ex-scorer of Almagro, Argentines, Hurricane and students of La Plataamong other clubs, and former representative of the striker of the Argentine national team Lautaro MartinezHe was with his wife and a son at the time of the assault.

Later, both stolen vehicles were found abandoned at the party of Dark.

So much Medina how his girlfriend turned out “unharmed” and the footballer was not recognized by the criminals.

On the corner there is a security booth, but the sources indicated that the night of the event there was no guard there.

The 21-year-old footballer debuted in Mouth on February 14, 2021 with the technician Miguel Angel Russo in a match in which the riverside club drew 2-2 with La Plata Gymnastics at the Alberto J. Armando stadium, and has played a total of 94 games with the blue and yellow jersey.

Medina was a starter in the Super classic last Sunday, where in front of 85,000 fans and in the stadium Monumental, River he beat Mouth 1-0, a game in which he played 87 minutes until due to a problem he was replaced by Esteban Rolon.

Source: Ambito

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