Argentine Cup: Lanús advanced without problems but Sol de Mayo remained in history

Argentine Cup: Lanús advanced without problems but Sol de Mayo remained in history

Lanús dispatched Sol de Mayo de Río Negro after beating it 3-1in a match played at the Ciudad de Caseros stadium, for the 32nd final of the Argentine Cup 2023, and in this way he ratified his good football present.

The goals of those led by frank kudelka They were all scored in the first half: Christian Mottoat 4 minutes, Matias Esquivelat 28, and Jose Sandat 44.

While, sun of maywho plays in the Federal A Tournament, discounted through Lazar Jerovic7 minutes into the complement.

With this result, “Garnet” will face, for the round of 32, Colón de Santa Fe, who eliminated Colegiales.

In an entertaining first half, Lanús started without fear, after 4 minutes after a corner kick that ended at the feet of Motto, opened the scoring for the Buenos Aires team.

The intensity of the kudelka was still noted for a clear play by Peter Vega who stepped on the area and won by popcorn but the crossbar prevented the winger from expanding the score.

Until, at minute 28, after a free kick from Esquivel, he placed it at the right post of Ignacio Turnes, making it 2-0.

Before going to rest, it would be the turn of the goalscorer of Lanus, Sand who made it 3 to 0, with an excellent pass from Julian Fernandezafter defeating the goalkeeper of the Viedma team one on one.

Already in the plugin, sun of may He had the discount with a cross that ended with a rebound off striker Jerovic.

In the remaining minutes, lanus he was able to control the game, where he had no key arrivals but he did respond defensively to close the victory in Caseros.

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