FIFAGate: the United States Justice ruled that Alejandro Burzaco will not go to jail

FIFAGate: the United States Justice ruled that Alejandro Burzaco will not go to jail

Alejandro Burzaco, former CEO of the Torneos company and protected witness of the US Justice in the FIFAgate case, was sentenced by the US Justice this Friday. However, it was declared that the Argentine will not go to jail.

Eight years after the scandal known as FIFA Gate, Alejandro Burzacothe ex CEO of tournamentsreceived this Friday the sentence against him in the courts of NY. the federal judge Pamela Chen announced in his verdict that the Argentine businessman will not go to jail and his passport will be returned to him for the key information he provided as a protected witness in cases of FIFA Gate.

In addition, no fine was imposed on him. The defendant had previously been confiscated some $21.7 million.

Let’s remember that Burzaco he pleaded guilty in November 2015 and has collaborated with the investigation ever since. The businessman was accused of three charges: illicit association, fraud conspiracy and money laundering.

Among other things, he admitted having paid millionaire bribes to various leaders of the world of football. In the case of Julio Grondona, Burzaco accepted payments for more than $30 million.

Burzaco also said that Qatar bribed officials FIFA to organize the World Cup 2022something that the country of middle East denies.

The funny thing is that in all these years, Burzaco He managed to avoid jail. After his extradition from Bolzano, Italy, where he took refuge after the raid of the fbi in zurichcomplied with house arrest in an apartment of NY. At that time, she had to wear an ankle brace and even offered to do community work.

Burzaco testified as a witness in trials where the Paraguayan was convicted Juan Angel Napout (former president of the conmebol), to Jose Maria Marin (former president of the Brazilian Football Confederation), to Hernan Lopez (former executive of fox) and the Mexican was acquitted carlos martinez.

Also where the company was condemned Full Play Group SAincorporated in Uruguayfor paying bribes for the rights of the America Cup and by parties of playoffs for him world.

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