A 9-year-old Lionel Messi will play in Sao Paulo

A 9-year-old Lionel Messi will play in Sao Paulo

Lionel Messi da Silva He is Brazilian, he is nine years old and signed a contract with the Saint Paulone of the biggest clubs in Brazil, to take his first steps in soccer.

The little one, in the first instance, will be included in the children’s categories of futsal so that he can take his first steps where the field is smaller and where he will be able to mechanize an important game dynamic in a sport that stands out for its agility to move the ball and for the fantasy in the dribble.

Then, if the youngster’s progress is as planned by the institution, he will join the green grass, which means a great opportunity for Messi da Silva because São Paulo was the birthplace of renowned Brazilian soccer players such as Kaká, Éder Militão, Rodrigo Caio, Casemiro, Lucas Moura and David Neres.

Curiously, the Brazilian boy who signed a contract with the “Tricolor” was born in 2014, the year in which Argentina led by its namesake reached the final of the World Cup held in Brazil and where they lost to Germany in extra time.

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