Due to violence, only women and children will be able to attend the Chilean classic

Due to violence, only women and children will be able to attend the Chilean classic

The clash between Colo Colo and the University of Chile will have a curious reduction in public, due to the sanction of the trans-Andean disciplinary court.

He Disciplinary Court of the National Association of Professional Soccer (ANFP) announced that the Chilean classic University of Chile and Colo Colo will be disputed “only with children and women” in the stands of National Stadiumon September 3, and sanctioned the “U” to play the four previous games without an audience.

“The club is sanctioned University of Chile to play a game, after the four games already mentioned, only with the attendance of women and children whose ages do not exceed 12 years of age, regardless of the venue in which this game is held,” indicated the resolution of the ANFP to try to stop violence in trans-Andean soccer.

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“It would be much more logical to only let families in, but not to discriminate based on sex. We must encourage families to return to the stadium, fathers or mothers with children. That would be a much more sensible formula than the one proposed,” said the specialist. in sports Gonzalo Serranoabout the ruling in question.

The university club was penalized for throwing flares to the field of play during the match they played two weeks ago as a visitor against the Catholic University, being members of the barra brava the perpetrators of the fact that caused the prohibition of fans to meet at home. The duel was suspended by the referee as soon as the disturbances occurred.

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