Many question marks at WSC/Hertha

Many question marks at WSC/Hertha
WSC/Hertha (left) scored a point in the derby against Vöcklamarkt.
Image: Hörmandinger

For a long time, WSC/Hertha held up well in the title race of the regional football league – but due to the two most recent draws against Deutschlandsberg (1:1) and Vöcklamarkt (3:3), the promotion train has come to an end. Although the club from the trade fair city has only lost one game in the last 14 games, they are now ten points behind leaders Leoben. Which is why the people of Wels are already looking to the future: there are some question marks when it comes to planning for the coming season.

Finances: Can WSC/Hertha dare to attack the top places again in the coming season? Rumors recently surfaced that the people of Wels would have to start saving in the summer. Markus Klausberger, who is responsible for finances at the club, says to OÖN: “It may be that we have to make cuts overall, but we are working to ensure that we can maintain the financial level of the fighting team.”

The trainer: Coach Emin Sulimani’s contract expires in the summer – both sides have not yet reached an agreement. Of course, one condition of the 36-year-old is to keep the team together as best as possible: “We rejuvenated the team in the summer. It would be wise to avoid another upheaval. Something can develop with this team.” Sulimani should not only be very popular in Wels: there is always speculation about a request from the second Belgian league, and the ex-professional should also be a candidate for league rivals Junge Vikings.

The Sports Director: With the departure of Stefan Unterberger, the position of sports director became vacant in the spring. The third division team also wants to clarify this position soon. Discussions have already been held with several candidates – probably the most prominent name: Jürgen Tröscher, ex-sports director of Verwarts Steyr.

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