Bundesliga: Rose calls for restrictions on video evidence

Bundesliga: Rose calls for restrictions on video evidence

Leipzig beats Bremen with a spectacle in the closing stages. The Saxons are still angry because of a goal that was not given.

After the statement in the fight for the Champions League, Marco Rose could have stayed completely relaxed. But with RB Leipzig 2-1 against Werder Bremen, there was still the matter of leading the Saxons, which had not been given after the intervention of the video referee.

A gentle nudge had sent Bremen’s Leonardo Bittencourt to the ground, referee Florian Badstübner revised his decision from a goal to no goal after the replay on the screen.

“For me, this is the next chapter. You know my opinion on VAR. Let the boys decide on the pitch. If necessary, look for offside, that’s fair,” said RB coach Rose. “Reporting from Cologne after a shove like that and wanting to recognize a foul is incomprehensible to me.” At DAZN, Rose also suggested an alternative use for the Cologne-based video cellar: “Make it affordable living space or storage boxes for furniture, but stop with the nonsense.”

Even Bittencourt, who in Badstübner’s opinion was fouled, indirectly admitted afterwards that it probably wouldn’t have been decided like that in every game. “It’s the line that the ref drove. It doesn’t look very clear, but if you start the line, you have to give foul,” said the 29-year-old. It was fitting that Bittencourt gave Bremen the lead a few minutes later before Willi Orban and Dominik Szoboszlai turned the game around with two late goals.

“Too many wrong decisions”

Rose advocated giving the referee more responsibility on the field again. And to curtail the video assistants in their competences. “There are just too many wrong decisions that aren’t made on the pitch but originate in the basement,” said the 46-year-old. For him it is a joke that you report to the referee after the action.

Rose sees no alternative in the recently discussed challenge, which would allow a coach a certain number of interventions per game. “Then I don’t get the decision I wanted. The discussion continues there,” said the coach. The coach is critical of the idea of ​​providing the video referees with experienced ex-professionals who can better understand certain game situations. Because a former striker will decide differently than a defender.

After all, Leipzig is now sporty, the goal of the season, Champions League qualification, is within reach. Four points ahead of fifth place with two games left – that should be doable against opponents Bayern Munich and Schalke 04. If possible in Munich. In any case, the game with the record champions is not seen as a bonus. “Anyone who thinks like that shouldn’t come to Munich. We’re going there to get three points,” said Szoboszlai.

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