The president of Barcelona assured that they will do “everything possible” for Messi to return

The president of Barcelona assured that they will do “everything possible” for Messi to return

Joan Laporta was clear about the situation of the greatest idol of the Catalan club and assured that the leadership will do everything possible to make the return of Rosario come true. Along these lines, he spoke of financial fair play.

The president of Barcelona, Joan Laportaassured that from the Catalan institution they will “everything possible” so that Lionel Messi return to the club after your departure Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

“We will do everything possible to bring Messi back to Barcelona”said the top manager of the ‘Blaugrana’ entity in dialogue with the stream of jijantes. The president’s statements came after Barcelona conquered The league this Sunday after beating Spanish. It treats of the first title since the rosarino went to the French capital.

Meanwhile, this Monday he indicated in dialogue with tv3: “I have spoken with Leo to, in some way, redirect the situation that occurred when I had to put the institution ahead of everything, including him, the best player in the world. He is still in Paris, with not pleasant situations. “We’ve sent messages lately. The truth is that the conversation was affectionate and pleasant. I congratulated him on the World Cup. We’ve known each other for many years and there’s a relationship.”

“He is the best player in the world and any coach would like to have him. With all due respect to Saudi Arabia, who is doing a very good job, Barça is Barça and Barcelona is his home. The club can compete against everyone. History supports us and the feeling of our 400 million followers is too strong. We love Leo, but we won’t move in high numbers to bring him in. The club is in an austerity plan”he pointed out.

Besides, laporta said: “It has been a League that has demanded a lot of effort from us. Being champions with four games to go means that we have worked well. We have saved the club financially, we have returned joy to Barcelona and now we are beginning to win important titles that we hope will be the beginning of a splendid stage”.

After winning the contest, he highlighted the work of Xavi Hernandez as a coach: “Xavi has been decisive. Beyond his football knowledge, he knows the club, his style. He has worked hard so that we can offer quality football. He deserves all the congratulations”.

“We have a great coach, a great ‘staff’. We are already working on the team for next season. We hope to be able to sign,” he remarked.

laporta He also spoke of the economic plan that they carried out in order to meet the financial fair play and he mentioned the importance of putting together a competitive squad for next season.

“We have designed an austerity plan to be able to comply with the financial ‘fair-play’ to be able to sign. We are working to have an even more competitive team next season”he expressed, at the same time that he said that in the Catalan entity there are “working for a long time” about the coming season and reiterated that they will “everything that can” to repatriate to Messi.

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