Vélez does not stop his losing streak in the Professional League

Vélez does not stop his losing streak in the Professional League

Vélez Sarsfield, whose leadership was fired with boos and insults as a result of the bad campaign, and Rosario Central equalized 0-0 in the game that closed the 16th round. Date of the Professional League tournament.

At the José Amalfitani stadium, a former president who was honored in Liniers (as of the 54th anniversary of his death hours ago), the two teams designed an even match, with few emotions in front of the fences.

The Rosario team, which has accumulated four games without winning as a visitor, ended up with ten players, as a result of the expulsion that referee Sebastián Zunino decreed for the right-back Damian Martinez (St. 41m.).

The team led by Ricardo Gareca accumulates an unusual streak of eight matches without victories (5 draws, 3 losses), with three consecutive equalities at home without opening the scoring.

With this result, Vélez gathers just 17 units and occupies the 21st. placement, while Rosario Central has 27 and is in sixth place.

The first half found two teams too cautious and almost without provoking risky actions in front of the fences. There was a context of alternation in control of the ball and ?inclusive- the cast ?rogue? It delivered a better feeling, even if it was from the optics.

In the second period, Velez He advanced the lines and preferred to play further down the field. But the team of? Skinny? it was not enough with the audacity of the kid Gianluca Prestianni (17 years old), who seemed to establish himself as the only drinkable alternative to generate play and overflow on the wings.

Even so, the Liniers team had clear opportunities such as a shot from Christian Ordóñez (11m.), a deflected header from Lucas Pratto (18m.) or a shot from Abiel Osorio, after Guidara overflowed, who came out next to the stick (26m.).


As a counterpart, Rosario Central depended almost exclusively on what Malcorra put together (who had a shot that Gastón Gómez saved, over 15m.) and gained greater offensive presence with the entry of Octavio Bianchi, even without causing clear situations of danger.

In the fifth minute of discount, Vélez had the victory on the head of Osorio, who hit a straight front that was conjured by Jorge Broun, without major inconvenience.

Then, the Velezana bias exploded against the leaders (President Sergio Rapisarda was the chosen target), for a discreet campaign that not even an idol like Gareca can lead to a better horizon.

Even after the game was over, some supporters sought to enter through the entrance hall on Avenida Juan B. Justo and were repelled by the security forces, who prevented the fans from fulfilling their mission.

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