U-20 World Cup in Argentina: the figures and the great absentees

U-20 World Cup in Argentina: the figures and the great absentees

As of Saturday May 20 and until June 11, the stadiums of Santiago del Estero, San Juan, Mendoza and the silver they will witness the stars that will shine in the near future in world football.

The promises to follow in each World Cup group

In the national team, led by Javier Mascheranoit is necessary to take into account Valentin Carbonithe hitch of Inter of Italywhich will bear the number 10; matias souleof Juventus; and Maximo Perronewho since February has been directed by “Pep” Guardiola in Manchester City.


In group B, Ecuador is excited about the midfielder Kendry Paezplayer of Valley Independent who stood out in the South American U-17 and has already advanced his landing at the Chelsea.

In group C there will be talents to watch like the Colombian gustavo gatewho plays in the second division of Germany; the Japanese Taichi Fukuiof Bayern Munich; the israeli Tay Abedof the PSV Dutch; and the Senegalese winger Samba Diallo.

In group D, Brazilthe South American champion, trusts Andrew Santosshielded by Chelseaand Matheus Martins. While Simone Pafundi is the great bet of Italywho has already participated in training with the major who drives Roberto Mancini.


Andrew Santos

The Nigerian victor eletu appears in the youth team of Milan and the Dominican Derek Cuevas dreams of moving to the first team Barcelona.

In group E, Carney Chukwuemeka and Liam Delap lead the team of the European champion, England. While Franco Gonzalez is the hope of football Uruguay.


Liam Delap

In group F, in France highlights the offensive power of malamine efekelethe young man of Monaco who they compare to kylian mbappe.


malamine efekele

In 2001, the last time Argentina was the seat of the world of the category, a certain Javier Saviola He was the figure of the champion team and scorer of the tournament and was immediately sold to Barcelona What will be the star of the World Cup 2023?

The great absentees of the U-20 World Cup

As the FIFA does not oblige the clubs to give up their footballers for the world youth, the Argentine public will be deprived of enjoying important figures.

Alexander Garnachothe new jewel of the Argentine national team and figure of Manchester Utdand the Brazilian endrickbought by real Madrid in a million-dollar figure, they head the list of footballers who were not loaned out to play the Sub 20 world that will be played in our country.

garnacho buonanotte.jpg

The same thing happened with Facundo Buonanottewho is increasingly entrenched in Brighton what a fight in the Premier League English for entering a European competition.

In case of Nicholas Paz is more frustrating since his coach in the youth team of real Madrid He did not put obstacles but the club’s decision was not to give up any player so as not to make differences with the federations.

Thus, was that Brazil was left without the possibility of having endrickthe figure of the tournament South Americanand Uruguay suffered the loss of the striker alvaro rodriguezwho already scored a goal in The league Spanish.



Unlike the AFAthe Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) He did not get involved in the club’s loan policy and Athletico Paranaense denied the South American champion the presence of Victor Roquegoalscorer of South American.


Victor Roque

England is the last champion of the “Old Continent” (he won the European Sub-19) and may not have Samuel Iling Juniorof Juventusand Jamie Bynoe-Gittensof Borussia Dortmund.


Jamie Bynoe-Gittens

The coach of France, Landry Chauvinrevealed that he received more than 20 refusals while he was putting together the squad list. Warren Zaire-Emery (partner of Messi in psg) Matthis Abline, Loum Tchaouna and bad tastebought by Chelseaare some of his absences.


bad taste

Italy the striker will be lost Cristian Volpatoone of the promises of Romewho was not released by his club to play in the youth World Cup.


Cristian Volpato

In Europe they also look askance at this competition since they tend to give more priority to European tournaments Sub-21, Sub-19 and Sub-17.

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