Udinese will wear a rainbow colored shirt

Udinese will wear a rainbow colored shirt

The A series announced that the 36th date of the tournament scheduled this weekend will be dedicated to the campaign “A+Love” to combat discrimination “in society and in our world”. And the udinese went further, designing a special shirt.

The initiative of the A series is known the day of the international day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobiato which is added the decision of the udinese to show off the symbol of the community at the Dacia Arena LGBTQ+ in the center of his jersey, on the edge of the sleeves, and on his pants and socks.

The bell “A+Love” is the result of collaboration between the League of A series and the Italian Anti-Discrimination Office of the presidency of the council of ministers (UNAR) and is inserted in the scope of the commitment protocol signed on March 14 to combat any form of discrimination in the world of football and is aligned with the World Day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.

On the giant screens of the stadiums that will host the matches on date 36 of the A series Scheduled this weekend, a video of the initiative will be broadcast while a television graphic dedicated to the subject will be broadcast at the time of the draw prior to the kick-off.

I know what the motto “A + Love” is about

The motto “A+LOVE” alludes to the concept of inclusion and overcoming all manifestations of intolerance and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The logo stands out for the letter “A” represented as a diamond (which identifies the Italian League), with the symbol “+”, a distinctive sign of the community LGBTQ+.

Among the initiatives, the decision of the udinesethat “For years it has been an open and multicultural club that represents players from 15 different countries, and is actively engaged in the fight against racism and in the fight for equality.”

“For this reason we wanted to commit ourselves specifically to this initiative from the point of view of valuing the great popularity of football to transmit positive social messages”highlighted the director general of the udinese, Franco Collavino.

“As shown by the ESG ranking on sustainability, including social, which sees us as the first Italian club, we wanted to follow the path traced by the Serie A League in terms of initiatives to protect equality and civil rights The special kit certifies our commitment against any form of discrimination”added collavino.

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