Sub 20 World Cup: how to get to the matches in an easy and accessible way

Sub 20 World Cup: how to get to the matches in an easy and accessible way

This year Argentina will be the official host of the Sub 20 worldwhere they will be disputed more than 50 matches that are already planned on four playing fields that were chosen by FIFA. they are the Unique Stadium Diego Armando Maradona de La Plata, Bicentennial of San Juan, Unique Mothers of Cities of Santiago del Estero and Malvinas Argentinas de Mendoza. Tickets can be obtained through Deportick.

One of the most important issues to take into account to enjoy the tournament is how to get to each of the dates in the easiest, safest and most accessible way possible. Here we share the most important details to move to each of the sports stadiums; you prepare the shirt and I chose the company.

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What transport companies bring you to the stadiums

Unique Mother of Cities Stadium (Santiago del Estero)

Undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding instances will be the opening match that will have Argentina as the protagonist, being the great host. This will take place at the Unique Mother of Cities Stadium in Santiago del Esterovenue that was recently destined for the friendly between the Argentine National Team and Curaçao.

To get to this soccer venue, if you go by car, you can use the waze app which provides updated traffic status, alternative routes and even allows you to find nearby gas stations and parking lots. If you arrive in the province by public transport, from the terminal to the stadium there are around 4.5 km, which you can do on foot or by taxi, with an approximate cost of $500. From the airport to the stadium, the differentiated value by taxi is $1800 (up to 4 people).

Malvinas Argentinas Stadium (Mendoza)

Located at the foot of La Gloria hill, the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium will be able to receive more than 40 thousand viewers in the coming days. To find out how to arrive on time and which means of transportation to choose, the ualabee app It is a great option to already have downloaded on your cell phone and use it when traveling to the Sub 20.

Based on a transfer from the Mendoza Airport To the nearest bus stop to the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium, the bus lines suggested by Ualabee is the combination of buses 675 and 606 that will leave you in front of the Parque de los Pueblos Originarios where it is possible to walk to the stadium ($140). If you prefer to go by car, you can take a cabifythe value is around $2800. On the other hand, if you arrive from the bus terminal of Mendoza, you have three possible combinations: 201 and 464, 200 and 730 or 200 and 531 ($140). An extra fact: ualabee It provides information on public transport routes and schedules to arrive without delays and also adds other travel alternatives to help you reach your destination. It is very easy to use and is available for both Android as for iOS and in its web version.

San Juan del Bicentennial Stadium (San Juan)

With a capacity of more than 25 thousand people, the San Juan del Bicentennial Stadium It is presented as another of the venues of the Sub 20 World Cup that received matches such as United States – Slovakia or Argentina – New Zealand. Are you arriving by plane? You can take a taxi to the Stadium from the San Juan International Airport with an approximate value of $2600; from the bus terminal, the value of the trip is around $1600. As a great ally of all your trips, you can always guide yourself through google maps to calculate travel times and find the best routes leading to the stadium.

Unique Diego Armando Maradona Stadium (La Plata)

One of the most anticipated matches will be the grand final that will be held at the Estadio Único Diego Armando Maradona in the city of La Plata. If you still haven’t defined the best way to get there, don’t worry, there are several alternatives available. According to the data provided by the ualabee appfrom the La Plata airport, you can consider going by bus: lines 13 and 18 ($93) or by taxi/remis with a value that goes from $600 at $650 the trip. From the airport Ezeiza, by taxi or remis are around $3900 pesos. On the other hand, if you go from the La Plata bus terminal, by bus on line 24 and 16 west with a value of $46.48 a ticket. Another alternative? By taxi or remis, the trip ranges from $268.

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