Almeyda got angry with a question from the Vignolo program: “They have me rotten”

Almeyda got angry with a question from the Vignolo program: “They have me rotten”

The Argentine coach, who has just emerged as champion in Greece, was upset with the panel of the “Pollo” Vignolo program because of a question they asked him about River’s promotion.

Matias Almeyda He comes from consecrating himself champion of the greece league with the AEK Athens and so he will play a repechage to enter the next Champions League. However, despite his great moment, the Argentine coach who is successful abroad has yet to answer questions about his past at home. Riversomething that causes him discomfort.

This happened on the show “F90” of ESPN who drives Sebastian Vignolo. One of his panelists, Marcelo Sottilewent to the bone and messed with a topic that generates morbidity in the world of football, generating a negative reaction in Almeydawhich crossed it fully.

“I tell you the truth and with a lot of respect, I am sick of talking about 12 years ago. I think my career is much more important than 12 years. I have always been very respectful, I feel that they minimize what I do”replied the DT, without mincing words.

Besides, Almeyda He elaborated on his achievements and asked: “Today I was champion, let’s talk about my championship. Today I enjoy other things: I was champion in Mexico, I have to be champion in Europe in a league that is complicated. I can’t talk about 12 years ago: my dad was alive 12 years ago, I can’t go back.”

“My thing is today. In a week I play another final and I want to be champion again in the Cup “he added.

To close, he clarified again that he will not return to River as a coach despite the insistence of journalists: “River has already passed: he won 14 championships, Libertadores… I was at the moment I had to be. Whoever wants to minimize it, minimize it, whoever wants to give it value, give it to them. I was complete: say what that I had to give as a River fan, as a former player, as a coach”.

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