Sub 20 World Cup: Argentina’s doubts to face Uzbekistan in the premiere

Sub 20 World Cup: Argentina’s doubts to face Uzbekistan in the premiere

“I haven’t given it to the boys yet”, Mascherano told the press, in the 15 minutes prior to the training arranged by FIFA, at the Central Córdoba property in Santiago del Estero.

The squad polished details with a view to the World Cup debut and the probable formation would be with: Federico Gomes Gerth; Agustín Giay, Lautaro Di Lollo, Valentín Gómez and Valentín Barco; Federico Redondo or Ignacio Miramón, Máximo Perrone, Valentín Carboni; Matías Soulé, Alejo Véliz and Brian Aguirre or Juan Gauto.

Mascherano reviewed a scoresheet for several minutes, along with his assistants Leandro Stillitano and Esteban Solari, in the first 15 minutes of practice, open to the press, before carrying out tactical exercises with the players.


Upon returning to the hotel, Mascherano stopped for several minutes with the fans who waited for the arrival of the bus that took the Argentine delegation.

The “Jefecito”, as he did before going to practice, posed in front of the cell phone cameras and signed some autographs.

Valentín Barco, the promise of Boca, was another of the figures required by the people on public roads, on the second day of the Argentine team in Santiago del Estero, waiting for tomorrow’s debut.

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