2nd league: “Not a second of sleep”: Darmstadt is back at the top

2nd league: “Not a second of sleep”: Darmstadt is back at the top

Bundesliga football will be played at the “Bölle” again this summer. In Darmstadt they celebrate the rise restlessly. The euphoric president hopes for respect for “small Darmstadt”.

Beer showers and storming in the stadium, thousands of people and glowing Pyros in the city: SV Darmstadt 98 celebrated its fourth promotion to the Bundesliga until the early hours of the morning and is already looking forward to its return.

“For us it’s like the Champions League for others. That’s how we feel too. I wonder what all the people in front of the door in front of the stadium want. Obviously something big has happened,” said President Rüdiger Fritsch immediately after the 1-0 against 1. FC Magdeburg. The lilies can no longer be ousted from one of the top two places in the 2nd Bundesliga.

“Today there is no sleep, only celebration”

“We were rewarded for everything we didn’t do so wrong as the Lilien family,” said Frisch about the club, which coach Torsten Lieberknecht led back to the first class. Lieberknecht got plenty of beer on a boozy Friday evening, and he also thanked his predecessor Dirk Schuster in the hour of success.

“This came about with the rise of Dirk and his assistant coach Sascha Franz,” said Lieberknecht. “For many who were there before us and saw the old and honorable Bölle, it’s probably an even more incredible day for them.” Schuster promptly returned the words and congratulated his former club. “This second league is anything but easy. In the end, rising so confidently speaks for itself,” said Schuster of the German Press Agency.

There wasn’t much to see of the grass in the Böllenfalltor stadium on Friday evening after thousands of fans had stormed the field full of joy. Veteran Tobias Kempe gave the order to celebrate in the evening. “We gave everything for that one moment all season long – brutal! Those were the hardest three points of my career. Today there isn’t a second of sleep, just celebration,” said Kempe. The fans followed his request, as the pictures from the glowing Darmstadt night showed.

“Klein-Darmstadt” is back in the upper house

From August FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund will be playing again in the Böllenfalltor stadium. The German Football League (DFL) also congratulated him directly. “Anyone who has been at the top of the table for months without a break has done a lot right and undoubtedly deserves the step up,” said Hans-Joachim Watzke, spokesman for the presidency. The last trip to the Bundesliga lasted two seasons for the Hessians, from 2015 to 2017.

President Fritsch sees no parallels between then and now. “Back then, that was Easter and Christmas at once, now we’ve gradually worked our way forward. That doesn’t mean that it’s not just as beautiful. Back then it was almost bizarre. This time we finished it. But that’s it too awesome,” said Fritsch. The official addressed a few words directly to the rest of the Bundesliga: “Now we’re here. I don’t know whether everyone will like it now. Small Darmstadt is here now, I just expect respect for it.”

Source: Stern

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