With a brace from David Romero Neyra, Miter (SE) eliminated Estudiantes (BA) 3-0

With a brace from David Romero Neyra, Miter (SE) eliminated Estudiantes (BA) 3-0

Miter (SE) forward David Romero Neyra shone with a double in the win that his team gave Estudiantes, on date 15 of zone B of Argentina – First National Championship 2023. The goals of the match for the local were scored by David Romero Neyra (4′ 1T and 14′ 2T, penalty) and Matías Vega (44′ 1T, against). While away goals were made by .

The best man of the match was David Romero Neyra. The attacker from Miter (SE) scored 2 goals and shot at the opposite goal on 2 occasions.

Cristian Díaz was also key. The defender from Miter (SE) had a good level.

The match had several cautioned: Juan Alesandroni, Germán Díaz, Matias Almirón and Gabriel Ramírez.

The Miter (SE) coach, Alfredo Grelak, proposed a 4-3-3 formation with Kevin Larrea in goal; Rodrigo Tapia, Gonzalo Soto, Matias Almirón and Marcos Sánchez on the defensive line; Brian Mieres, Juan Alesandroni and Germán Díaz in the middle; and Santiago Rosales, David Romero Neyra and Daniel González in attack.

For their part, Juan Manuel Sara’s team took to the field with a 4-4-2 scheme with Matías Vega under the three sticks; Delfor Minervino, Iván Zafarana, Martín Ferreyra and Lautaro Lusnig in defense; Matías Lugo, Sebastián Mayorga, Lautaro Parisi and Enzo Acosta in midfield; and Martín Garnerone and Tomás Bolzicco up front.

Fabricio Llobet was the referee who directed the match at the Ciudad de La Banda stadium.

Miter (SE)’s next match in the championship will be as a visitor against Atlético Rafaela, while Estudiantes will host Chacarita.

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