Lanzini, River’s wish, scored a goal in England

Lanzini, River’s wish, scored a goal in England
Lanzini, River’s wish, scored a goal in England

Argentine striker Julián Álvarez converted the winning goal for Manchester City, brand new three-time Premier League soccer champion, over Chelsea 1-0, at home, for the 37th date.

The world champion in Qatar 2022 started at the party for the team led by Josep Guardiola and on the first ball he touched, he scored 1-0 after 12 minutes of the first half.

After having obtained the three-time championship on Saturday due to the defeat of the escort, Arsenal, against Nottingham Forest, the “Ciudadano” team celebrated the ninth Premier League title before its people.

The Manchester City squad entered the playing field in the middle of the corridor that Chelsea made for them, which had Enzo Fernandez of owner.

In twelve games as a starter, the man from Cordoba scored the same number of goals and with 17 cries he is the team’s second goalscorer of the season behind the Norwegian erling haaland.


Three of those celebrations were against Chelsea in three different tournaments since he also did it for the FA Cup and the League Cup.

The former River Plate player, who had just scored one in the Champions League semifinal against Real Madrid, was close to the double but the second was canceled by a hand Riyad Mahrez.

In his first season in Europe, “Araña” became Premier League champion and will be able to win two more titles in the FA Cup and European Champions League finals against Lautaro Martínez’s Inter.

The day also had two other Argentines as protagonists for different reasons: Manuel Lanzini and Alexis Mac Allister.

the midfielder Manuel Lanzini he scored a goal in West Ham’s victory over Leeds, which was on the verge of relegation, 3-1 in his last home game with the club that he will leave on June 30, after eight years.

The former River Plate was a substitute but came on six minutes from time and had his dream farewell to the London stadium with the goal for 3-1 in injury time.


Lanzini, 30 years old, his relationship with West Ham ends on June 30 and, although the English team wants to keep him, it would seem that he played his last game in front of the “hammers” public.

This was the first championship celebration for Lanzini, who made 178 appearances for West Ham in the Premier League.

The Argentine, who had little prominence with just 11 games and three goals this season, still has one more Premier League game ahead of him against Leicester City, as a visitor, and the UEFA Conference League final against Fiorentina, from Italy. , the coming June 7.

Leeds, just over a year after the dismissal of Marcelo Bielsa from Rosario, was on the brink of relegation.

The Yorkshiremen were 18th with 31 points, two behind Everton with three at stake and one less than Leicester, who hosts Newcastle on Monday.

Everton will host Bournemouth and Leeds will also host Tottenham.

On the other hand, Brighton and Hove, with the participation of the Argentines Alexis Mac Allister and Facundo Buonanottedefeated the relegated Southampton (his compatriot Carlos Alcaraz starting) 3-1, at home, and qualified for the Europa League for the first time in its history.

Mac Allisterwho still has one home game before his possible move to Liverpool, was part of the play for the first of Irishman Evan Ferguson’s two goals.

Summary of date 37 of the Premier League:

Nottingham Forest 1-Arsenal 0; Tottenham 1-Brentford 3; Bournemouth 0-Manchester United 1; Fulham 2-Crystal Palace 2; Liverpool 1-Aston Villa 1; Wolverhampton 1-Everton 1; West Ham 3-Leeds 1; Brighton 3- Southampton 0.

On Monday:

  • 4:00 p.m.: Newcastle v Leicester City.


Manchester City 88 points (x); Arsenal 81; Newcastle and Manchester United 69; Liverpool 66; Brighton And Hove 61; Aston Villa 58; Tottenham 57; Brentford 56; Fulham 52; Crystal Palace 44; Chelsea 43; Wolverhampton 41; West Ham 40; Bournemouth 39; Nottingham Forest 37; Everton 33; Leeds 31; Leicester 30; Southampton* 24.

*Descended. (x) champion.

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