Halftime at the Islas Malvinas stadium: Def. de Belgrano 1-1 All Boys

Halftime at the Islas Malvinas stadium: Def.  de Belgrano 1-1 All Boys
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At the end of the first half of the match between El Dragón and All Boys, the partial score is 1-1 at the Islas Malvinas stadium. The goal for the visiting team was by Gabriel Benegas (47′ 1T, penalty). Thomas Amilivia (8′ 1T) scored for the local.

The visiting team comes motivated for this match after a victory in their previous game. Their opponent will be looking for a better result after being defeated in their last match in the championship.

All Boys was defeated in the Fragata Presidente Sarmiento against Almirante Brown by 0 to 3 on the scoreboard. In the last games of this season, they have drawn 2 and lost 2. They have scored 7 goals and have 1 in favor.

Def. de Belgrano comes from beating Estudiantes (RC) at home by 1-0. It is preceded by an irregular series of results in the previous matches played: 1 win, 1 loss and 2 draws. In addition, he scored a total of 3 goals and 1 have been converted.

Adrián Franklin was in charge of supervising the order of play during the match.

All Boys formation today

Norberto Paparatto was planted with a 4-5-1 lineup with goalkeeper Lisandro Miter; Mauro Luque, Franco Pardo, Facundo Butti and Tobias Bovone as defenders; Saúl Nelle, Alexis Melo, Enzo Avaro, Lautaro Taboada and Marco Iacobellis as midfielders; and Thomas Amilivia as forward.

Def Formation from Belgrano today

For his part, coach Carlos Mayor arranged a 4-4-2 strategy on the field with Ignacio Pietrobono defending the goal; Máximo Levi, Juan De Tomasso, Rodrigo Moreira, Lautaro Formica as defenders; Maximiliano Ceratto, Ramiro Rúmbolo, Ignacio Gutiérrez and Claudio Salto in midfield; and with Ezequiel Aguirre and Gabriel Benegas as attackers.

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