Copa Sudamericana: Defense and Justice never gave up and brought a great triumph from Brazil

Copa Sudamericana: Defense and Justice never gave up and brought a great triumph from Brazil

Defense and Justice won a notable victory tonight in Brazil in view of America Mineiro by 3 to 2 and is the leader of group F of the South American Cup with record for Argentine teams included.

At the Raimundo Sampaio stadium in the city of Belo Horizonte, Florencio Varela’s team set a great mark, since this is their fifth consecutive victory in Brazilian lands by continental tournaments, a distinction that other Argentine teams do not have.

The Defense goals were scored twice by Gastón Togni and Julián López, while former Independiente Argentine Martín Benítez and Uruguayan Gonzalo Mastriani discounted for the locals.

The team led by Julio Vaccari came back from the game on two occasions and only in the second half due to a great goal by López was it able to differentiate itself on the scoreboard and sustain that figure until the end.

In relation to the last match of the Brasileirao, the technical director of América Vagner Mancini changed the 11 players and there were also footballers whose contract had to be terminated because they appeared involved in a betting scandal.

The formation with other names and positional changes disconcerted Vaccari and his coaches, who found it difficult to take the marks as they had no notion of positioning on the field of play.

América Mineiro started with possession of the ball, putting pressure on Defensa, not letting it go out and trying to concentrate the whole game in the middle. The Argentine former Independiente Martín Benítez handled the ball and from three quarters onwards he was the one who spun the best plays, but he also offered himself as a finisher.

At minute 12, América overflowed to the right of their attack, the forwards controlled it and lowered it to Benítez who, from outside the area and almost from behind, scored the goal after a small deflection.

Defense was outmatched, but had an unexpected gift when midfielder Alé crossed the ball almost from the side line to the penalty spot in his area, to give it to his goalkeeper, but Gastón Togni was faster and defined on the first arrival of the Florencio Varela’s team.

The goal from those led by Vaccari woke them up and they had two more chances, Nicolás “Uvita” Fernández and David Barbona appeared, who began to move the ball and generate actions in front of the miners’ goal.

To control Marlon’s climbs, Vaccari lowered him to Alanís and gave him more freedom to climb the Uruguayan Agustín SantAnna. But when the first stage closed, Marlon climbed up his lane, gave it to Benítez who faced the area and put a precise cross rained for the head of the Uruguayan Gonzalo Mastriani, who gave the second to the “Rabbits”, such the nickname of the miners.

Returning from the second half, with América devoted to the attack, Unsain came out quickly, Uvita tamed it in midfield, took it, waited for his teammates and gave it to Togni who got rid of a couple of rivals and shot from outside the box. area to put it on a stick and above the goalkeeper Mateus Cavichioli.

Defense moved the Brazilians away from their goal and tried to gain air in their midfield. At 24, Togni stole it from a winger, faced the area and gave it to Julián López, who hit him from the outside and nailed it to Cavichioli’s right post, to give Florencio Varela’s men the third.

This last goal from the Argentine team was a very hard blow for the locals and resulted in their spirits falling and they almost did not generate situations against Unsain. The defense of the Argentine team became monolithic, Vaccari refreshed the midfield, placing midfielders with air and rewarding those who ran for a large part of the game with applause.

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